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How to Improve Your Baseball Swing - Sweet Baseball Swing

Updated on June 27, 2016
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Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

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It can safely be assumed that hitting is the most difficult of techniques to master in baseball as it not only requires power but that power has to be accumulated together with timing. As hitting requires a connection between two opposing bodies, there is a lot of science involved in getting a perfect and players have to use the whole of their body in order to get this technique perfectly.

Developing a sweet technique may take years but practice is the only thing that can help you perfect this art. Keeping all this in mind, there are several important factors that need to be kept in mind in order to continue on improving a player’s hitting technique.

Gripping Technique:

The first factor that needs to be sorted out is how a player grips the bat. There are a lot of techniques to grip a baseball bat (You want to choose the top best baseball bats for youth read at here); however, the most common mistake a player could make is to try and grip the bat against their palms with the handle deep in their hands.

An important technique that needs to be kept in mind while mastering the grip is that the fingers need to gripped around the bat and the knuckles need to be aligned. This technique allows a player to generate more power with a controlled swing.


The second factor that comes along with making your swing better is the position or stance you take while coming up to bat. There are a variety of stances to bat from and each player has their own comfort zone but there are certain basics which can help a player better their stance and in short having a better opportunity to swing better.

A batter should be able to reach the far side of the plate with the tip of the bat without having to stretch for it. The feet should be positioned in such a manner that they are apart from each other but only as much as the length of your shoulders.

While taking a position to have a swing at the ball, the batter needs to focus on keeping his bat above their rear shoulder while being in position to have a swing chest high.

Generating a Swing:

The third and most important factor that needs to be kept in mind is that where you get your power from. There are several techniques into hitting the ball, however, the most common of all is to using your front foot to generate the strength from your core and hips and make it go forward into your swing.

  1. The first way to using your front foot while taking a swing at an approaching pitch is to lift your front foot and moving it forward. This motion will help generate the strength from your hips as it stars the rotatory mechanism providing you with explosiveness in your swing.
  2. The second way to using your foot while taking a swing is to lift your front foot but putting it back in the same place instead of moving forward. This technique is a rarity, however with practice and timing, it can be useful for players.

Another type of technique that can be used to generate the swinging motion is the use of the arms, however this technique requires a lot of precision and practice as the margin of error is very minor with this kind of technique.

But one thing that can be said about developing a sweet swing is that it is not about having power or strength but rather a technique which helps in generating better bat speed which allows a player to hit more home runs.

In order to generate more bat speed, one common technique that can be mastered is to hit through the ball. There are several drills that can help a player to practice hitting through a ball – the most common being the use of a slightly deflated soccer ball to swing at.

It may take several days for a player to get used to swinging through the ball, however, this technique is very beneficial in generating more bat-speed while also helping the player in developing upper body strength.


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