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How to Increase Your Vertical Jump for Basketball

Updated on June 13, 2012

Vertical jump is a major asset when it comes to different sports, especially basketball. It allows you to make plays on both the offensive and defensive end. Having a high jump allows you to have a better chance to get those rebounds, contest your opponent’s shots, knock down your own shots, and even dunk the ball. There are a lot of advantages you can gain on the court by knowing how to increase your vertical jump.

The science of jumping

To better understand the steps of jumping high, we got to understand first the science of jumping. The science of jumping revolves in 2 factors, a low center of gravity as well as optimal strength. A low center of gravity allows for better balance and efficiency, and more power generated means there is more thrust that can be used to elevate. Therefore, these 2 factors are the keys on how to increase your vertical jump.

To lower your body’s center of gravity, you’ll have to work on your abdominal and back muscles. And to increase your jumping strength, you got to develop the power and explosiveness of your legs. You can even learn how to increase your vertical jump in a week if you execute your training the right way.

As said in the previous paragraph, the key on how to increase your vertical jump is to work on the muscles vital for jumping. To do this, we are going to share some exercises that can help you increase your jump. Crunches, Pilates, and leg raises can help you strengthen your abs, essential for providing optimal balance to your body, helping you generate those massive leaps.

For better results, couple your ab workouts with back workouts. The second set of exercises that will help you how to increase your vertical jump is leg exercises. Squats and calf raises are going to help you develop leg strength, enhancing your capacity for leaping. If you want to gain explosiveness and quickness on your jump, you can do some fast jumping exercises as well as plyometrics. Sure, there is no way you can get instant results, but doing these exercises consistently is your ticket on how to increase your vertical jump by 10 inches or even more.

How to Increase your Vertical Jump

To get maximum lift during basketball games, it is not enough that you possess strong leaping ability. You must also use this ability for useful purposes. With that said, one way on how to increase your vertical jump when playing basketball is to practice basketball skills that require jumping. Whether it is going for a rebound, taking that jumpshot, going for a layup, or even dunking, execution is the best way to get maximum elevation on your skill set. A combination of a high raw vertical jump with proper execution of skills means you’ll be a better in-game jumper.

We will share one last note before closing this article. To successfully gain inches on your elevation, put in the work now that you know how to increase your vertical jump.


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