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How to Increase your vertical jump

Updated on August 22, 2011

A few weeks ago I was searching the net for ways to increase my vertical jump.

I found lots of programs, tips and other materials. I tried a few but as a sport athetle I tought that some of the exercises just weren't correct...

But, first thing first. Why do I want to jump higher? I'm an Wushu athetle and I always had difficulty in my jumps... They simple weren't high enough and balanced!

If you know Wushu (some of you call it "Kung Fu") you must have seen the high jumps everyone does, specially the shaolin monks! But I just couldn't jump... It seemed that my "ass" was too heavy and that my feets just wanted to come as quick as possible back to the ground... Have you ever felt this? If you did, you know how frustrating it could be!

I tried to mentalize myself to just jump higher, to get more strenght before I jump, make a better take off, to "think light", ehehe. But nothing worked...

The Jump Manual
The Jump Manual

The Jump Manual

Then I camed accross this "Jump Manual" from Jacob Hiller that promissed to add to my jump 10 inches or I would get my money back!

There were a few things pushing me away from this investment:

  • Who the hell is Jacob Hiller? I must remind you that I'm from Portugal and have never heard of him before...
  • All the images and videos of the site were from basketball players... Would this be the right one for me?
  • On the presentation video he talks about the "Whey protein" nad this kind of things used to scared me a little...

So I started to do my homework... First step, found out a little bit more about Jacob, the creator of the manual.

Digging a little bit on Jacob's life, his credentials, his work, the people he has been working with for all these years (school, college, NBA, and Olympic athletes, professional dunkers....), I got my head cleared of this. This guy was worth my trust and a little bit of my time to research further!

I then went to analyze thr programm. I practiced tennis from 5 till 18, and then went to Kung Fu, always had sports in my life (my oldest brother is a tennis national champion ad my second oldest brother is a professional tennis coach), so I think I know a little bit about spotting some fake training or just bad training conduit...

As I kept reading the program, I just keeped nodding with my ahead agreeing with the point Jacob was making and thinking to myself: "this really makes sense".

So I decided to invest and I can tell you that till now, I'm surprised with the results! It has been 2 weeks since I started but I can notice my improvements in both vertical jump and balance/stability while jumping!

I'm even thinking of aiming to dunk at the basketball court at my house, which is at the official height! I'll keep you posted on that :)

Soon I'll had some pics and videos of my improvements!

Jump Manual Training - Testimonial From Hawaii

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