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Why Your Beloved Child Should Play Golf

Updated on July 24, 2012

Golf = Limitless Opportunities

So your little Jimmy or Suzy isn’t a tot anymore. They’re growing up, getting taller, and becoming more active. Most parents decide to put their little younglings in some sort of sport to burn off the excess, sugar-crazed energy their child possesses. (If only adults had the same amount of energy….sigh) Consequently, many parents place their cherished son or daughter into a fast paced, calorie shredding activity like soccer, football, or basketball just to name a few. And don’t get me wrong; these are all activities that are awesome in their own regard. Now you might be asking the question, “Well gee wiz, with my son’s eagerness for running around and high-pitched screaming, why wouldn’t I place him in an activity that quells these characteristics? Golf is a slow paced sport. My child would be bored to death and still be as crazy as ever upon returning home.” All plausible statements, yes, but unfounded and false. Golf instills life-enhancing values in children and builds up their character into ways that benefit them for years to come. Allow me to elaborate:

1. Golf Teaches Integrity

- The dictionary definition of integrity is as follows: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

- Now let me see a raise of hands of the parents who wish to have those values instilled in their children.

- No other sport has a larger impact on a kids’ behavior as golf. You see in golf, there is no referee, umpire, etc. It is up to the player to implement the rules upon his or herself.

- With that in place, junior golfers learn the value of honesty at a remarkably young age. By being exposed in an environment where integrity is praised above all else, he or she will continue to act accordingly in other areas of life. (School, home, friends)

- Golf merely serves as a catalyst for honest behavior for years to come.

2. Golf Doesn’t Play Favorites.

- How irritating is it to see the coach’s son always playing the most coveted positions while many other kids on the team sit on the bench for half the season? IT DRIVES EVERYONE INSANE IS WHAT IT DOES!!!

- In golf, this is nonexistent. There are no positions, seldom a team; it is just the player and the golf course.

- Every child receives as much playing time as he or she wants

3. College Scholarships

- Yes, I know your little ragamuffin has college as the last thing on his or her mind. But the cost of college should be on YOURS. Golf helps in this regard.

- Golf has grown at an extremely rapid rate at colleges throughout the nation.

- Many kids who might not have been able to afford college can receive substantial scholarships through golf.

- Since Title IX has been passed, opportunities for collegiate female golfers have increased ten-fold. You would be shocked at how easy it is for a girl to receive a substantial college scholarship to play at a respected Division One university.

- And you can quote me on this next stat that I have developed from numerous years in the golf. “If your daughter practiced golf for 10 hours a week for 10 years, she could go to just about any university in the country”

- It is somewhat more difficult for males, but not much.

4. No Need to Be 6’ 4” and 220lbs

- Next time you sign up your kid for rec football, baseball, basketball, think about how big you actually have to be successful in those industries.

- Average height for: Baseball = 6’2” – Basketball = 6’6” – Football = 6’3”

- Golf is the great equalizer sport. Possessing height, muscles, and speed certainly help, but on a very miniscule scale

- Golf is about using your body to the best of your abilities.

- I have seen kids who are 5’7” and 125lbs be recruited by the top colleges in the nation (Think Stanford, Texas, Florida)

- To sum it up, place your child in a sport that at least gives him a chance to be successful at it in the professional ranks.

5. FUN!!!

- When experienced in its purest form, nothing even comes close to the ecstasy felt when hitting a perfect golf shot.

- If your child gets hooked, he or she will want to keep playing, keep searching for a recreation of that awesome feeling

- If they really get serious, the thrill of winning a tournament overrides all emotions. It is the happiest feeling in the world.

6. Golf is NOT Cost Prohibitive.

- Full Set of Golf Clubs including Bag = Less than $50

- Golf balls = Discounted rates of 25-50 cents per ball

- Cheaper than you thought, huh. Once you have the equipment find a local public golf course. Nearly ever golf course offers extremely discounted prices for junior golfers. Sometimes it can be even negotiated down to nothing.

- If your child is a teen, a job at a golf course is the perfect way to go. They can make some money for themselves and enjoy all of the free golf they want at the same time!

NOW do you see how many positive benefits golf can have on a young individual??? I am not telling you to rush out and pull your kids out of their sport, merely to just give golf a rethinking. Ask your kids what they think about it. In the end, you should let your kid do what they want to do. Never force things upon them. Well, that is all I have to say upon the matter. Keep reading the posts! There will soon be another article containing an actual step-by-step plan to incorporate golf into your children’s lives. THANKS!

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    • profile image

      Kaemba Mwale 5 years ago

      I am baove average golf player based in Lousiville, KY. I like the article on why kids should play golf. You don't need to ask me first. I organising golf equipment and other entrepreneurial stuff and equipment to open a youth golf leadership entrepreneurial center in Africa. Land is all we have, we need clubs, bags and balls. I am travelling January 2013. Support any one?