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How to Jump Higher in Basketball - 7 Tips

Updated on June 13, 2012

Here are some of the tips one can use as answers on how to jump higher fast.

The first tip on how to jump higher is all about weight. Remember the principle in science: Less mass means less gravity. Hence, one of the answers on how to jump higher to dunk is to lose some weight. This way, it will be easier for you to propel your body up and jump higher than normal.

The second tip on how to jump higher is all about exercise. Improving your muscles can also help you on jumping high. Some of the useful exercises one may use are as follows:

• Upper Body Exercises
• Abdominal Exercises
• Squats
• Calf Raises
• Hip Flexor Exercises
• Dorsi-Flexor Exercsises
• Transverse abdominal exercises
• Toe exercises

The third tip on how to jump higher is all about improving one’s flexibility. Try reaching your feet by means of bending. Do this everyday and feel your flexes becoming stronger. Perhaps it is also important to note that having your leading leg swing anywhere which you direct it to go helps in maximizing the momentum of your jump.

The fourth tip is all about plyometrics. Even though plyometrics exercise is a relatively new concept, it can help in making your jump higher. After all, it improves the overall nervous system.

The fifth tip on how to jump higher is all about warm ups. Try not warming up and look at the height of your jump. Record the first jump and then do some exercises. Consequently, jump again after the warm up. See the difference? Warming up is an important procedure when playing. This is because it can stimulate the energy within our body, and thus, making it easier to propel your body upwards.

How to Jump Higher

The sixth tip on how to jump higher is all about setting the body in the right position. You can heighten your jump by doing the proper procedure. First, you have to place your hips at thirty degrees. Afterwards, try bending your knees at sixty degrees. Then, flex your angles at twenty five degrees. According to reviews, this is the best way to jump higher while avoiding the injuries one may have.

The last tip on how to jump higher is all about pushing your body up. Breathe in as you push your hands up in upward side. Afterwards, you may push your self upwards using the energy from your leg muscles. Breathe out once done.

These are only some of the tips one may use on to improve your jumps. You can find them online. If you play other sports like volleyball, you may want to look for how to jump higher in volleyball videos. There may be other suggestions on how to jump higher out there waiting to be mentioned.


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