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How to Live the Surfer Lifestyle

Updated on March 16, 2011

Living like a Surfer

Certainly surfers come from all economic back grounds education etc. Sure there are still some couch potatoes calling me a surfer bums as they are sitting all day on the couch watching cnn.

These days I am not seeing the stereo typical surfer bum as I did in the 60s and 70s. In fact surfing is a booming industry that is producing millionaires all the time.

My idea of the surfing life style is to create an environment that allows me to surf almost when ever I want to. But still not neglect my responsibilities as a husband and a father.

Ok first off your wife or girl friend must be on board. I am serious about this. My wife tells me to go surfing. All the girl friends that I have had that said even once.

Are you going surfing again! They are all gone and they all had to vacate suddenly. So get that part down right away. If you want to surf alot you don't want to be asking permission like a 10 a year old kid.

Take care of you responsibilities! I am serious about this. There is nothing that messes with my surfing like this next statement.

I should be at work instead of surfing and because I am surfing I wont be able to pay my bills. Avoid this at all costs. You will see many people that will blow off there jobs, families etc because of a big swell.

When I am not worried about my wife kids and the bills I surf better.

So like I said get a partner that is on board with surfing. Surfing for me has been a life long quest and my life revolves around surfing and the ocean. So can yours.

I make a little money writing and that is what keeps me in the water. Many of the surfers have more than money can buy. We have created life's that allow us to eat, surf, sleep and work when we want to. Its all about attitude and being thankful for what we have. Being a surfer is a blessing.

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  • arik1982 profile image

    arik1982 6 years ago

    great hub tons of info!

  • salt profile image

    salt 6 years ago from australia

    I love surfing and understand the feeling when I see men who work in a big city hit the beach running after work, and change into their wetsuit from that drycleaned suit. The sudden change from the shackles of big city living to the freedom of the waves... umm.