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How to Make Money Playing Fantasy Baseball on Fanduel

Updated on August 1, 2014

See How Fanduel Works

Introduction to Daily Fantasy Sports Leagues

If you're a sports fan, then you are probably familiar with fantasy sports leagues.

Fantasy football is the most popular sports in the United States where you draft a team of players then earn points for their performance every Sunday.

Fantasy baseball is the original fantasy sports league but we all know how long the MLB season is.

Many people have prize pools for the fantasy leagues, and if you draft the best team over the year, then you win a prize at the end of the season. The problem with this is that the season is 182 games and you need to constantly monitor your team to have any chance of winning.

What's the solution to this problem?

Enter Fanduel.

Fanduel is a daily fantasy sports league site where you can enter fantasy contests every day. It's a better alternative because you get paid within the next hour if you win and you don't have to sit through a long draft and monitor your team month after month.

If you use the right strategy, Fanduel can be very profitable even for the average recreational player.

How to Play Fantasy Baseball on Fanduel

Fanduel hosts contests in NFL, MLB, NBA, College Basketball and College Football. You draft a team of players under a certain salary cap and the goal is to earn the most points in the night.

Step 1 - Sign up for Fanduel

Step 2 - Make a deposit of at least $10

Step 3 - Enter a contest and start drafting your team

Step 4 - Click submit and check back during and after the games to see if you won

It's currently MLB seasons so I will use baseball as an example. Your MLB team consists of:

  • 1 Pitcher
  • 1 First Baseman
  • 1 Second Baseman
  • 1 Third Baseman
  • 1 Shortshop
  • 3 Outfielders

Each player has a salary and you get $35,000 dollars to build your team.

What I like to do is head over the MLB sortable stats and see who's been hot over the past 7 days. This gives you a nice breakdown of the hot and cold bats over the past week.

Drafting a team is easy once you define a specific strategy. After looking at MLB stats, I check out the Vegas lines for the games to see who's projected to score the most runs. Sometimes, Vegas is off but they are usually right about 80% of the time.

Fanduel MLB Scoring System

Single (1pt)
Inning Pitched (1pt)
Double (2pts)
Strikeout (1pt)
Triple (3pts)
Earned Run (1pt)
Home Run (4pts)
Win (4pts)
RBI (1pt)
Run (1pt)
Stolen Base (2pts)
Out (-0.25)

How Scoring Points Works

Using the Fanduel scoring system above, we quickly see that Home Runs, Triples, Double and Stolen Bases are the most valuable stats on Fanduel. With pitchers, it's Wins, Inning Pitched and Strikeouts.

Finding Hitters

You need to build a roster with players that get lots of extra base hits, have the potential to steal a base, and don't strikeout a lot.

Use MLB stats to check how many Double, Triples and Homeruns a player has in the past 7 days and month. Always check for stolen bases. Leadoff men usually steal the most bases but sometimes the 2nd hitter in the lineup does too.

Finding pitchers

Targeting ace pitchers is the best strategy for most contents. The only exception is GPP or tournaments where picking a less owned pitcher could pay off nicely. Contration players mean you own a pitcher that isn't heavily owned by most entries. If you pick correctly, you will fly ahead of other entries because the player is low owned.

Being contration is a great way to nail a top 10 score in the big tournaments. If you play mostly head to head or 50/50 contests, then picking an ace pitcher works best over the long term.

What's your favorite professional sports league?

See results

Types of Contests to Enter

Fanduel has 4 different types of contests available:

  1. Head to Head Matches
  2. 50/50 Contests
  3. 3, 10, and 100 Man Leagues
  4. Tournaments

Each contest attracts a certain type of player and will yield different risks and rewards. I'll breakdown each contest type in depth.

Head to Head Matches

H2H is a contest between you and one other Fanduel user. Whoever scores the most points wins the contest.

Statisically speaking, you have a 50% chance of winning your h2h matches. You can increase these odds by going against Fanduel users with few wins. You can check anyone's record by clicking their username and seeing their overall stats.

H2h is also known as a cash game. Cash games lineups should be built with more consistent players that usually deliver points night in and night out.

50/50 Matches

50/50 is a large field type event where the top 50% of the field gets paid. If you enter a 200 man 50/50, then the top 100 entries get paid.

50/50 is probably the best type of contest for beginners because you only have to be in the top 50%. You have a 50% chance of winning and will face a lot of bad players in most 50/50 matches.

It's also the best way to build up a bankroll while generating profits to be entered in tournaments.


Leagues is a tribute to the original Fantasy sports leagues except it's only 1 day long.

There are 3, 10 and 100 man leagues to enter. Usually, the top 10% of entries get paid.

I like to focus on 3 man and 100 man leagues because they have generated the most profits.

3 Man leagues carries a 33% chance of winning while 100 man league carries an 11% chance.


Tournamets carry the most risk but also provide the highest potential earnings including $1 million to the winner of the Fanduel Championship.

Fanduel Winning Strategies

When I first started out, I was mainly a losing player because I lacked a decent strategy and routine.

You are competing against bad players and some full time players who have a six figure bankroll.

If you want to maximize your winning, then you need to develop a solid routine and follow it every day. Here's my routine using MLB as an example.

Step 1 - Head over to Rotowire and see the starting lineups

Step 2 - Read the MLB Grinddown by Notorious at Rotogrinders

Step 3 - Go to MLB sortable stats and check out the hottest players in the last 7 days by position

Step 4 - Open up Fanduel and start drafting a solid lineup with hot batters and a pitcher with a high K and high win percentage

Step 5 - Check each player on MLB stats and take a look at their Quick splits to see if I can find an edge based on batting against left vs right handed pitcher, Day and Night game splits, and Home and Away batting splits.

Step 6 - Make sure each player has at least .275 batting average over the last 7 days and isn't striking out a lot.

Step 7 - Enter my main lineup then create a 2nd lineup using my 2nd best pitcher and loading up on a few sluggers.

You don't have to use my strategy. Create your own routine and see what works best for you.

If you work a 9 to 5 job, then you need to use your time wisely because most nights have a 7pm site lock. If the games start a 7pm and you commute to work, then you won't have much time to fine tine your lineups.

Use your smartphone to manage your lineup and always check the Rotowire Daily lineups to make sure all of your players are in the MLB lineup.

Fanduel 100% Deposit Bonus When You Sign Up

If you join Fanduel today, you will receive a 100% deposit bonus up to $200 when you use the code PD200.


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