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How to Pitch the Yukon River 4

Updated on November 4, 2010

Before Your Camping Trip

The Outwell Yukon River 4 comes with instructions for a four person pitch and a two person pitch. The video to the below demonstrates the classic two-person pitch, but you will note that they are not pitching the Yukon River 4 in wind or rain!

This is a big, heavy tent; it's aim in life is to take off like a sail with the slightest breeze. When we've tried to pitch it on windy days in the way demonstrated, we've struggled, so we've adapted the method to suit our rapidly diminishing strength and vigour!

How to Pitch the Yukon River 4

If your tent is new, it's a good idea to have a practice pitch and make sure you have all the pieces necessary. If your garden is small, you may need to take over the park, unfortunately, this means you will be pitching your new tent for the first time with an audience.

When you arrive at the campsite, take note of the prevailing wind and choose your pitch so that the rear of your tent faces this direction and the door of your tent is on the leeward side. This makes life much warmer and means that you're not battling the elements when opening your door.

Adapted 2 person pitch - Yukon River 4

 Assemble the three steel poles.  The written instructions with the tent make it sound as if one of the poles is larger than the others - it isn't; they're all the same size.  We wasted quite some time trying to measure them against each other before we came to the right conclusion!  The poles are much easier to assemble if you keep them low to the ground and pretty much horizontal.

Assemble the fibreglass pole and leave to one side.  This will leave two puzzling aluminium poles that don't seem to fit anywhere - it's OK, these are only required  if you want to prop the door open whilst you drink your Pimms.

Similar Adapted Pitch

The Groundsheet

 If you have bought a separate 'Footprint' to use under your tent (to protect the integral groundsheet) lay this out and put a peg in each corner.

If your Yukon River 4 is new, the first time you pitch, the integral groundsheet will be separate from the tent, but once you have zipped it in (later) you can leave it and de-pitch and pitch with the two joined together.

Place your tent roughly over the Footprint and slide each of the three poles into its sleeve.  Each end of the pole has a metal peg inserted, to keep the canvas taught and the instructions suggest you should do this with the tent standing.  We find this too difficult and so put one peg in whilst the tent is on the floor.

Pitch into the Wind

 We find it much easier to pitch into the wind, so decide which end of the tent to start with and bang in a tent peg at each corner (that's two pegs), then lift the pole, unroll the guy ropes and peg them down.  Then with your third hand put the metal peg into the end of the steel pole and tighten the tension strap.

Raise the other two poles (don't forget to put the remaining metal pegs into each pole) and peg out and guy the opposite end of the tent.  This gives you a relatively stable structure to work with.  You can reposition the poles now, and ensure they are evenly spaced and vertical.

Reposition the Footprint

The Footprint is meant to be completely covered by the tent, to protect the integral groundsheet. We never manage to achieve this, so once the Yukon River 4 is stable, take the four tent pegs from the Footprint and move it so that the tent completely covers it, then peg it down at all of the pegging points.

Put the fibreglass pole into the side porch and into the metal rings on the main body of the tent, then clip the tent to the steel poles using the black plastic clips provided. This increases the taughtness of the tent.

Groundsheet and Sleeping Area

 One person can now finishing pegging out all the guy ropes, whilst the other person zips the integral groundsheet in-situ.  Once the groundsheet is in place, it's very straightforward to clip the sleeping area in place.

As soon as you've unpacked all your stuff, you can have a nice cup of tea (or a Pimms).


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    • Georgina_writes profile imageAUTHOR

      Georgina Crawford 

      8 years ago from Dartmoor

      you're welcome!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Great hub and information.


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