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How to Play Football -The Basics of How to Play Football (Soccer)

Updated on March 11, 2017

Why Football Is So Popular ?

Football is the most popular game in the world. Unlike other sports, foot ball is a very easy game. This is the only game in which many countries whole over the world participates. Federation of international football association known as FIFA is the international authority conducting world cup. FIFA conducts the world cup match once in every four years.

Playing football demands superior skills and a technique from each calls for good physical strength and ability to think and act quickly. This also needs perfect coordination and understanding among the players. This game gives good exercise. Every player is busy from the starting of the match till the end. This is a game in which the player cannot be selfish. There must be a team spirit in the members which will bring the members closer together.

football field positions
football field positions

How to Play Football

Foot ball is a simple play for which you need only a ball and a ground. There should be two goal post on either ends. Football is played between two teams of eleven members each. Each team will have a goal keeper to cover the goal post. He is the most important player in the team and no one else in the team can touch the ball with the hand. The team gets a goal when its members kick the ball into the opposite teams goal post. The main responsibility of the goal keeper is to prevent the ball getting into the goal post.

Time Period of a Football Match

The game is for 90minutes with a break in between the half time. If no result is there within this time then an extra time of 30minutes with a break in 15 minutes will be given. If still no result then a penalty shoot out will decide the winner.

Football Team Memebers

Each team members will have strikers, midfielders and defenders which is further divided as

  1. Right wing defenders
  2. Left wing defenders
  3. Central wing defenders.

Strikers and defenders are also divided as the same.

Strikers play in front and most of the goals will be by the strikers.

Mid fielders are the play makers who make the goal opportunities’ for the strikers.

Defenders are those who defend the other team member’s .they prevent other teams from scoring goals.

Who will Control the Football Match ?

There will be three referees to control the match. Two of them are line referees and the other is the field referee. Line referee will help the field referee to decide over off sides, throw ins and fouls in the play.

Main Skills needed for a Football Player ?

Passing the ball to his team mates is the main skill needed by the player.Dribbling and tacklingthe ball are the most essential skills needed for a good foot ball player. Heading is another skill to be acquired.

Red and Yellow Cards in Football

If any foul is played based on the offence there is a chance to get an yellow card or a red card mean while the other team will get a free kick or a penality.if a player gets a yellow card two times in the same match he will get a red card which means he will have to stay out of the match and the team must continue the play with the remaining players.

Basic Rules of Football

Corner and Throw in -If a ball is kicked to the back of the goal post of the same team then other team will get a corner based on the side the ball was kicked.It may be either right or left. If the ball goes off the side lines the other team will get chance for throw in.

Penalty Kick -The ground is divided into two halves by a central line. The team who won the toss can select the side they want or the first kick. Both halves will have two penalty areas which is the area near the goal post and it will be lined.The goal keeper can touch the ball with the hand within this area only. If you do a foul against the other team players within this area the referee will allow a penalty kick against your team.

 With all these it is the best game in the world with lots of viewers and fans.


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    • LensMan999 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      Hi H P,

      Thanks for your comment. I will surely go through your hub.

    • H P Roychoudhury profile image

      H P Roychoudhury 

      8 years ago from Guwahati, India

      The hub has nicely described the Foot-Ball Game and the players taking part in the game. Every player has an important part to play. But out of that the utmost importance of the game lies with the (i) Goal keeper, to prevent the Ball to pass through, (ii) the defender, ahead of Goal keeper to prevent the opponent to run with the Ball, (iii) the Center forward, the man at the middle to move the Ball forward and (iv) the Scorer, the man in front to shoot the Ball to the Goal. Besides the man in the wings are not less important. Regarding the history of the game may I request you to read my article “World Unity and World Cup”?


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