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How to Ride a Skateboard For Beginners

Updated on March 1, 2016


If you want to start to skateboard you have to start as a beginner. No one masters a skill in one day but it will take time if you want to be riding at 100 miles per hour! Starting to skateboard will start easy and simply and as you get better you'll learn new tricks and have a better understanding to skateboarding.

To start off, you must know if you are "Goofy-footed" or "Regular-footed". A person who ride Goofy-footed puts his/her right foot in front of the skateboard and his/her left foot in the back while a Regular-footed puts his or her left foot in the front and right foot in the back, a Goofy-footed person is usually left handed while the Regular-footed is right handed. This also applies to snowboarding. Once you've figured that out try to be stable on the board while standing, if you feel uncomfortable doing this on concrete then do this on the grass or on dirt to keep you from rolling away. After that stand straight on the skateboard on a concrete surface and with either your right or left foot gently push against the ground. This should make you move and with this little movement try to be able to stay still and tall. Keep doing this until you are balanced and if you already are keep going and push harder for longer distances. You might want to try to be able to be balanced at one meter at first and once you get more comfortable several meters.

Now you can go forward! The next thing to do is to know how to turn so you'll be able to maneuver around obstacles. To turn to the left put weight or pressure on your toes and to turn to the right put pressure or you weight on your heels, this is also like snowboarding. You don't want to press too hard or too little because you might get off balance or the least amount of pressure won't do much movement. Also, when on the skateboard DO NOT put your feet on the tail and on the edge of the skateboard because this will make you more unbalanced. Instead, put your feet usually where the screws are, use them as a guide to know where to put your feet.

It is important to wear protective gear, a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist guards. You are prone to injury or even death if not worn. Also, DO NOT go down a road or street that you are not comfortable riding on and DO NOT skate on a busy street unless you can maneuver around passing cars and get out of the way.

EXTRA: If your wheels don't turn in time you can also use your tail to quickly move the board. This is not to help you turn, this is only if your wheels do not turn as much. Putting your weight on the tail or back of the board will lift the skateboard and if you turn it using your feet and movement of the hips you will be able to "turn" the skateboard. You've mastered the basics!


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