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How to Ride a Trikke

Updated on September 28, 2009

The Latest Craze in Scootering

The Trikke was introduced to me in an infomercial late one evening. It's a full body workout on a three wheel scooter/skateboard (for lack of a better description). There is no motor and you put it in motion moving your arms and flexing your body muscles.

The greatest words of wisdom are: "Keep going until you feel the sweet spot." You'll know it when you feel it.

Ipurchased the Trikke four years ago and learned to hit that sweet spot effortlessly. I was building muscles to maneuver up hills. Of course, down hill was a cinch. It's been a year since I last rode. I tried Triking today and fell. Fortunately, my injury was not severe. It's going to take small baby steps to hit the sweet spot again. Each day I will increase the number of minutes I spend building flexibility on the Trikke. The patio is a good place to start. Later next week, I'll go to a parking lot where there are few cars.

Step 1: Mount the Trikke

First, find some smooth, flat and open terrain to ride on. Parking lots, basketball courts or tennis courts are perfect places to learn. It is best to spend plenty of time riding on flat ground before attempting hills --- up or down., and do not assume that you already know how to ride a cambering vehicle. Even though it has familiar features like handlebars and hand brakes, cambering vehicles have unique riding and balance characteristics that require a familiarization period. The vehicle is easy to stand on. It's recommended that you step up onto the vehicle and spend a few minutes getting used to the riding position, the braking system, and especially the range with which you can rock the steering column let and right. This is especiallyimportant because it is exactly this rocking capability that propels the vehicle forward. Get used to letting your arms do the rocking --- not your body.

I was using my body when I fell. It's easy to shift from using your arms. Avoid areas with rocks, deep cracks or bumpy pavement until you have become experienced at cambering. Also, I didn't have my helmet and safety gear on. Don't try cambering without them.

Step 2: Rock the Trikke

It is recommended that you push off a few times like a scooter and simply ride around for a few minutes to get used to the feel. It is especially important to establish good riding position that properly balances your weight between the front and rear wheels. First time riders have a tendency to lean back onto their heels and to pop unnecessary wheelies. This can be dangerous because you can fall back and injure yourself. Scooting your toes to the front of the platforms and riding on the balls of your feet will help to distribute your weight to the front wheel. Also properly set, the handlebar height should force you to lean a bit forward. This riding posture will give you much better stability, control, and quick braking response. Never lean back or pull back on the handlebars.

You can actually start moving without touching your feet to the ground by rapidly turning the ront wheel back and forth. You will begin to pickup speed but will peak at only a few miles an hour. Here is where it all come together!

You are now turning the wheel back and forth to generate forward motion and establishing a rhythm. No matter how bad you might be as a dancer, the Trikke experience is ver rhythmic in movement and timing. Stick with it. You'll get it. The beauty of what drives the vehicle's design forward is the addition of one final ingredient:


More details are available on line at

More and more people are purchasing the Trikke for a complete cardiovascular workout. I highly recommend it for burning calories, toning your body, exercising, and just having plan fun.


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    • profile image

      Polymyalgia 8 years ago

      LazarDRod thank you for the comment. Do you want information on how to purchase one and others experiences. It's a great cardio workout, too.

    • LazarDRod profile image

      LazarDRod 8 years ago

      This trikke thing looks like a pretty good time. I remember having something similar when I was younger, but it didn't work very well. This trikke, on the other hand, actually looks like it was engineered pretty well.