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How to Select a Boxing Personal Trainer: Alexis Hloros

Updated on February 4, 2015
Lex "Hurricane" Hloros & Pastor Andrew Grosjean
Lex "Hurricane" Hloros & Pastor Andrew Grosjean | Source

How does PastorAndrew know Alexis Hloros?

Pastor Andrew Grosjean is pastor of Canaan Baptist Church in Taylor Michigan. Alexis Hloros has been a member of this church for years. Lex is an active member of our church and loves to tell people about the Lord.

If you are looking for a personal boxing trainer in South-Eastern Michigan, there is no one better to train with than the Champ! Give Alexis "Hurricane" Hloros a call and see if he can help you get ready for greatness. You can reach Lex at (313) 633-4539.

What do you think of Boxing as a Sport?

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Alexis Hloros
Alexis Hloros | Source

Pastor Andrew Grosjean interviews boxing champ, Alexis “The Hurricane” Hloros.

Why don’t you start out telling us what you want us to know about your personal history as a boxer?

I started boxing when I was about twelve years old. I started in mixed martial arts, kung fu. They started teaching me the basics of self defense, fighting. As I got older, I turned away from the martial arts class after three years. My mother and father were going through some hard times. So, instead of continuing training, we continued training ourselves. Watching videos, movies, reading books. Practicing on ourselves. We learned these defense tactics. Growing up in the neighborhood, the fighting we did, we learned to defend ourselves, protecting ourselves on the street. After a matter of years, I learned to fight as well as I could.

So, I wanted to do something special with my talent and the things I had learned.
I moved from Las Vegas to Mt. Clemens, MI. Then I got into a boxing gym in Detroit, Kronk Gym. I was about seventeen. I never left.

I am 32 now. All these years, I had some hard times. But I would always find myself going back to the gym, fighting because that is where I feel happy at. Everything was turning against me, I would always go there and I could fight. That is where I am most comfortable. That is who I am. That is who I am born to be.

What should people think about if they want to get into boxing?

What are some tips on knowing if it is for you or not?

Boxing is not a game. It is not like basketball, baseball, or football. It is a very dangerous sport. It is a combat sport. It is not for every body. I have met around 200 kids who said that boxing was what they wanted, what God wanted for them. They wanted to be a fighter. Two months later, they never come to the gym again. They realized they can’t deal with getting punched in the face. They decide not to fight anymore. Boxing is not for you if you feel this way. It is a way of life. You eat, sleep, and drink it. A prize fighter needs to be spiritually connected. You also have to have a drive to fight really bad. If this drive is not something you have, you should try something else.

mute the music

If someone wants to get involve with boxing, what should they do to get started?

After you think about it, pray about it, ask God to show you if it is for you. After you decided, you want to try it, you should go down to a local boxing gym. Talk with a trainer, find out what his program is. See if it is for you or not.

Pick up some magazines, ring side magazines. Get some books. Get mentally prepared first. The first part of being a prize fighter is mental. Find out all the ins and outs of it. Do your home work. Then you will see if you have a hunger for it. Then you get the physical part.

What is your favorite combat sport?

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What is a starting boxing regimen?

Do some pushups. Do some sit-ups. Get your body in shape. Because if you get into the ring and beat the guy up for ten rounds. Then in the eleventh round, you run out of gas. He could even knock you out if you run out of energy if you are not in shape.


What should someone be doing before they get into the ring?

When I am getting ready for a fight, and I am a professional fighter, I do about 50 pushups a day. I don’t feel like I need a lot of pushups to win a fight. It depends what kind of person you are. I work out all my tactics all my exercises that I can do in the gym. And after I am dead tired, after I am exhausted, then I do my pushups. Doing 30 then is like doing 300. If I do them when I am fresh, I can do 150, 200 if I just get up and start doing them. But then after I work out for 2 hours and then do some pushups, if I am lucky I can do 30 to fifty. And that’s what you want to do. You don’t want to just work out only one part of your body. You want to work out everything. Then do your pushups last.

The person starting out, what should they do every day?

You want to get up in the morning and get out an jog about 2 miles. You want to shadow box. Shadow boxing is like boxing in the air like you are boxing someone. You want to do that about 15 minutes. Every day you want to do about 50 sit-ups, 100 crunches, 100 pushups. That should qualify your day, when you are starting out.

Are there different styles of trainers?

When you are looking at trainers, how do you know what kind is good for you?

I am very particular about trainers. Everyone would yell at me and get on my case, why don’t you have a trainer. Boxing is a way of life for me. I would need a trainer that is a perfect fit. I need a motivator, not somebody that is always picking out what I am doing wrong. A person that pushes me up. I don’t need someone yelling at me, screaming at me, telling me I am a low down dirty dog and expect me to become a champion. I need someone I can connect with, someone I am a friend with. He needs to be someone that can pick me up and point out my good qualities. He needs to see the things I am lacking in and show me how to work on them more, instead of telling me how terrible I am.

Some trainers are good motivators. I had one trainer that I trained with, that was a great trainer. But it was always about himself. He was always concerned about how he looked and how good a trainer he was. When I got into the ring, and I got into the corner, he would yell at me. He would get under my skin. He would get into me. He would get me off the stool and back into the fight. He would get me to do what I needed to do to win the fight. In the gym, he was not much like that. He was very focused on himself, so me and him did not work out. But he was a good trainer.

I had another trainer that was very technical. He was a master, a wizard, but he was more focused on money. He would worried about how much money he was going to get. He did not care who he fought or how he fought as long as he got the money. That is a very easy way to lose fights.

The trainer that I am with right now. He is a wizard. He is intelligent. He makes everything simple. He makes you feel like you can destroy anybody. He won’t be with a fighter that will not be able to do these things, to win. He only spends time with people that will be a champion. If he picks you it means you are already a champion because he picks you.

Choosing a trainer is all about who you are and who you choose to help you.

Who do you think is the greatest boxer of all time?

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What kind of style of trainer are you?

I know all the ins and outs about training. I would be a motivator. I would talk to you about boxing. But it is all about the will, the will to fight. It is all about the dedication to what you want to do. The physical part is easy. The training part is hard. The mental part is where you have to prepare to fight. When you get close to the fight, nothing else matters than the fight.

I am the kind of trainer that would teach you these things. I would talk to you. I would make sure you are mentally prepared. There are things in your life that will get in the way. These things can stop you from boxing. You have to be mentally motivated and prepared. You have to have a plan and practice. Then you could be a champion. Then you can be the best you can be.

What do you look for in someone you are considering to train?

What do you want to see?

I want to see a person that has a spiritual quality about them. There needs to be some spiritual growth in them, to see where they are going with their life. I would also like to see a hunger, desire for boxing, a passion for it. . . Not just to hurt people. They should want to fight for something. When you fight for something, it makes you different. I want to see someone that wants to do something with his title. He should want to do something, to change something, to move something. I don’t want to train someone that is only interested in money, cars, and women. I want to work with someone that wants to do something with himself, to help other people. This is important to motivate them.


How do you know when you are ready to start training someone?

I can’t say what it was. I would need to see them. It would come to me. When I fighter sees another fighter, he knows. It is something that fighters have. I would know when he is ready to fight. I know if he would be a great fighter when I see him. I would tell him if he’s ready to get in the ring.

Trainers get a gym. They work their whole life waiting for that prize fighter to come into that gym. James Lester waited for me. He knew when I walked in who I was and who I was going to be. When a trainer picks you, it is because he sees something in you. They read you. If a trainer walks up to you, talk to him see what he has to say, because he sees something in you.


What kind of social goals should a prize fighter have to give back to the community?

Where should his focus be?

His focus should be on showing that being a fighter is not a bad thing. Good people are fighters. A spiritual background will definitely get a boxer further in his career, I believe. The kind of people you should be around is good people. You should not be around people that are always looking for you to protect them. When I was growing up, a lot of my friends had physical altercations. They would call me. I still get these calls today. They think I am going to run over and bust a few heads. These people are only your friends because they think you are going to protect them. Get away from these people. They are only going to get you into trouble. It is good to have people look up to you, but not to call you when they are having altercations. They are only using you.

You need to get around more grown-up people, people with families, people that have careers. These are the kind of people that you want to be around.


Is your rough life something that young people should try to copy in their own lives?

You made reference to the fact that during your younger life, you had a lot of problems. Should they try to have a rough life to become better as a boxer?

Have that rough life is not something that I chose. I was where I was and it got me started. It was a rough life. But I have a lot of fighter friends that did not have that same kind of life. They did not have that street life mentality. They had fathers or father figures that were there for them. Everybody’s life is different. You don’t have to have a rough life to be a prize fighter.

A prize fighter is . . . Well, I would not say they are born, but . . . I believe that you can make yourself into what you want to be. You are molded. If you have a dream. I was born a real nice kid. I was not a fighter. I did not like to fight. I did not want to fight. It was the area I lived in. The life that I had drove me to it.

I believe that God used all that. He has brought me to a place where I can see that He used those experiences. All these things happened for His good in the end. God allowed all that so that I could give Him the glory. All these fights that I have had all these years, I can still give God the glory. He gave me the ability to fight. He did a beautiful thing.


What do think about the those kids that are looking for fights, going to the bars, going with the gangs, looking for trouble?

That’s the kid I am looking for. That is exactly the kid I am looking for. . . that real bad kid that is running around the neighborhood. People say, “Why are you around this kid, Lex?” “He is the worst kid around.”

They don’t understand. That kid used to be me. I understand these kids. I know what he is going through. He doesn’t need to say anything. I know what he is going in his mind and brain. I am looking for the baddest, raddest kid walking around with a chip on his shoulder ready to knock somebody’s block off. This is who I am looking for. They are looking for a change. I know that they can become something different. They are bad and don’t know why. You got to show them. You can’t give up on them. These kids need help.

What kind of change would you expect to see in that kid walking around with a chip on his shoulder when he finds that help from God that you are talking about.

I would like to see a humbleness come across him. I would like to see God’s power in his life. This kid could become so great that he does not need to show it any more. He can feel it. He knows that it is there. He does not walk around with a chip on his shoulder. He has a confidence in him that God has given him. He does not have to prove himself anymore. He just has to follow the procedures and then he will become great in his life.


Can you tell us why God has become so important to you?

You have talked a lot about God and the spiritual side of your life. When did it become so important to you? How has it changed you since it has?

Well, I always was curious about God. I always wanted to find out more about Him because I had always heard so many good things. I needed to get more knowledge about who He was. They would say that He is the One that can make anything happen for you in your life if you are on His team.

I wanted to become a boxer. So, I thought maybe if I get close to God, start doing what He asks me to do, maybe it can happen. You know. I thought, “This is the best bet.” If He is real like everyone said He is, I am going to get to know Him. I am going to ask Him to make things happen.

So, I started visiting churches. You would be surprise how many churches I visited. I know about all every type of religion there is. You would not know it by looking at me, but I was really thirsty. I wound up in the Baptist church. That was what best fit my life. This is what made sense to me. God came into my life, and showed me great things. It kinda’ makes everything make sense when you know Him.

I don’t know where everyone is in their spiritual life, but a closer walk with God, with Jesus Christ . . . I believe it will make you a better fighter.


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