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How to Stay Warm Outside during Sporting Events

Updated on April 13, 2015

Weather can play such an important role in the enjoyment of outdoor sporting events. My children play sports year around and except for basketball they are outside. I remember at the beginning of soccer season it was so hot that none of my clothes were dry by the time the game was over. And now that the fall season is almost over I’m thinking about getting the heater out for a night game. High School Spring sports are especially cold since they start in the winter months and finish up in the spring.

Spectators Clothing:

Legs & Arms: putting on multiple layers is always a good idea to keep your body heat in. Good ole thermal underwear works as well as the advanced sport performance wear like Durofold, Under Armour, and Winter Silks. Keep layering as you go – pants, jeans, sweats whatever is warm and comfortable to you. Shirts, sweaters, jackets, coats with a hood are always a good choice.

Feet: to keep your feet warm invest in some sock liners – you want a blend of silk, nylon & lycra. Then add a wool sock – plenty out there to choose from – hiking, skiing, snowboarding – lots of wool socks. Insulated boots work best to keep feet warm and dry.

Hands: same principle for your hands as the feet, a glove liner will keep the heat in. There are several different glove lining materials out there – smartwool, merino, polyester & spandex. Then add an outer glove for additional warmth. The ultimate warmth is a nylon shell mitten. One nice feature about glove liners they usually fit snuggly and are a thinner material – you might be able to still use your phone without taking them off.

Head & Neck: wear a hat even if your head doesn’t feel cold. In windy weather a hood on a coat works well; again a nylon shell coat will help keep the wind from going through your layers. A Wool scarf will help keep your neck warm and it is usually thin.

Blankets can add an additional layer of protection and you can sit on them too. Be sure not to get too warm and sweat then you’ll get cold. Another reason layers are so important – you start warming up in the sun take off a layer to stay comfortable.

Gadgets & Gizmos:

Portable propane heaters - work great when there isn’t much wind and you have plenty of space to set it up. Hunting and camping stores usually offer the best selection. These can be dangerous as they get hot and can burn rubber soles, loose clothing like blankets, and can be knocked over. If you sit in bleachers you can set the heater under the bleachers and enjoy the warmth that radiates upward – but you have to watch for kids that play under the bleachers.

Hot hands – a chemical mixture that is air activated. These are great little packs that give a shot of heat that last for 10 hours. You can use them in pockets, in gloves, on your neck, in your shoes, anywhere. These are great for athletes too that are sitting on the sidelines.

Battery Operated Clothing – you can purchase clothing that heats up when connected to a battery. All kinds of clothing are available – jackets, pants, insoles, gloves, and socks.

Unattractive but Affective:

Straight from work no time to change slip on thick hunting coveralls, gloves, hat and boots quick and easy ready to go. Another great option is a sleeping bag - one that has a hood and is rated for at least freezing (32F). If your feet get cold you can take your shoes off and move your toes around to keep them warm.


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    • akune profile image

      akune 6 years ago from Surrey, England, United Kingdom

      O my word- I had to read this hub. I love to be warm. I wanted to be sure I had missed no possible new tip. the hunting coveralls. Bless you.

    • gottaloveit profile image

      gottaloveit 6 years ago from MD

      Great suggestions for exercise wear to stay warm in.