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How to Take Care of Your Soccer Socks

Updated on September 27, 2013

Soccer socks are under tremendous pressure when you think about it. They bear the brunt of acidic sweat, extreme heat and brutal moves. If you are a soccer player or a mother of one, you may have been bothered by how easily those socks wear and tear and how often you must replace them.

It is no use, of course, to temper the game. The only way you can extend the lives of your soccer socks would be to take care of them when the game is over. Here’s how.

Wash gently.

Wash your soccer socks in cold and not hot water. Hot water can damage the elastic components of your socks. Your socks should be subjected to no higher than 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, use a mild laundry detergent. It may even be better to use soap.

Do not use bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Bleach will of course discolor any fabric and is sure to damage or fade the prints off your fun soccer socks. If you are concerned with odor issues, you may soak soiled socks in a basin of water with the juice of a lemon squeezed in. You can then wash as usual.

Do not wring them.

Wringing your soccer socks will damage the elastic bands of your socks and leave you with a pair of loose and misshapen socks that will no longer offer the compression and support you need. After washing your socks, simply squeeze excess water out of your soccer socks without stretching them in any way.

Do not use the dryer.

The dryer is definitely a no-no for soccer socks as it subjects the socks to high temperatures that would damage the elasticity of the material. Just hang your socks to dry, preferably under a shaded, windy spot where they will dry easily. Do not dry your socks under the full brunt of the sun which could heat up and again, loosen your socks.

Fold them loosely.

Once dry, fold your soccer socks loosely in pairs. Some people roll their socks too tightly into a ball—a practice which oftentimes loosens up the fabric. It is best to just fold the socks in half and lay them flat on a surface.

Cut your toenails.

You probably are not aware of it, but long toenails are often the culprits for damaged toe seams in soccer socks. Therefore, before donning on your socks, check to see that your toenails are short and rounded at the edges. To be safe, file the corners of your toenails to smoothen the edges.


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      4 years ago

      Thanks! Now I know why my soccer socks got destroyed last season. I will be sure to follow your advice this year.


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