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How to Throw a Frisbee

Updated on February 22, 2011

Throw a Frisbee like a Pro

ummertime isn't complete without tossing a Frisbee around with mates. However, the different throws available for use can be initally confusing and difficult to execute if you're not properly instructed. Below are some simple tips and techniques on How to Throw a Frisbee as well as a basic guide to the most popular frisbee throws.

Frisbee Throwing Tip and Techniques:

  • Throwing Stance: The throwing stance differs for each throw. When throwing a backhand, stand side-on to your partner, using your shoulder as a pointer. Feet should be approximately shoulder width apart, and knees slightly bent to provide a low centre of gravity. When throwing, step with the foot on the same side as the hand you throw with and use the other leg as a pivot.
  • An Early Release: The biggest problem people have when learning how to throw a frisbee is mastering the appropriate release time - a second too late or too early can send your frisbee hurtling towards Earth, rather than skimming effortlessly over the air. Many people let go of the disc when their arm is partially extended, but the secret to a smooth throw is to release the frisbee when it is still close to the body (near the hip in regard to a backhand). This creates better spin on the disc and gives you a perfect throw.

  • Straight Release Motion: It is one's natural inclination to arc the arm when throwing a Frisbee, but this often results in the disc travelling in the path of the arc, and not directly to your partner. The trick to a straight frisbee throw is to (in the case of a back hand) face your partner side-on (your shoulder facing them) and pull the frisbee through in a (relatively) straight path, as if you were starting a lawn mower. It takes a little practise but it very effective.

  • Firm Grip: What ever throw you are conducting, keep your grip firm and relaxed, and your wrist loose.

  • Wrist Flick: As all good Ultimate players know, the flick is key in throwing a Frisbee. A good flick puts spin on the Frisbee and enables a smooth and level flight. Keep the wrist bent and snap quickly, releasing the Frisbee. Keep the surface of the Frisbee relatively parallel to the ground, and avoid one side being closer to the ground than the other, which can cause it to unintentionally curve. With a good flick, you will find you'll be able to throw a frisbee even with your arm tied to your side!

  • Shift of Weight: In order to gain good distance, you will have to shift your weight when throwing. Have a correct stance and start with the majority of weight on the pivital leg. Then move this weight to your dominant leg when throwing.


Common Frisbee Throws

The Backhand:
Grasp the Frisbee in your hand with your thumb on top, and your fingers rapped underneath (as in the image). Keep an open stance and shift your weight as you pull the frisbee through and snap your wrist before release.


The Forehand:
Hold the Frisbee so that your thumb is rapped around the top, and your index and middle finger create a 'V' on the inside, with your middle finger well within the rim. Release the Frisbee with a quick snap of the wrist, remembering to bend a little and throw up slightly, and to tilt the Frisbee a little to the outside as it will help stabilise its flight.

The Hammer Thow:
Grip the Frisbee in the exact same manner as the forehand. Swing the throwing arm over the head, and try to release the Frisbee at a 45o angle to the horizontal. The aim of the throw is to achive good distance with the Frisbee upright, as it will eventually turn up-side-down to land.


The video below demonstrates other popular Frisbee throws.

How to Throw a Frisbee - Instructional Video

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