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How to Turn Everday Objects Into Deadly Self Defense Weapons

Updated on September 2, 2011

If you have read my other article on improvised weapons you know that the best self defense weapons are those you either carry every day, or they are items you can find in a ‘fight environment.’

This is crucial because even the coolest little trick is useless if you rarely have a chance to use it. For example people often like to talk about a screwdriver as an improvised weapon. Yeah it’s a great improvised weapon but I don’t take the little lady out for a night on the town and carry a screw driver in my pocket.

I’m not saying that knowing how to use a screw driver as a weapon as is a bad thing if you are a victim of a home invasion it can be a great thing to have (if you have no other weapon) but I want to focus on the kinds of self defense weapons that will be present in the situations where may find yourself being attacked.

Two of the most common locations for a street fight are:

  • Parking Lots: Predators often target people entering and exiting vehicles (because you are vulnerable and likely to have valuables)
  • Bars or night clubs: This one is pretty simple to understand put 20 single guys and 10 single girls in a room with lots of alcohol and a fight will eventually happen.

Improvised Self Defense Weapon #1: Parking Lot Secret

Most people would probably say that a parking lot is completely lacking any objects to use as a weapon (other than the cars themselves). This isn’t the movies and there won’t be a conveniently placed 2ft. section of lead pipe that the hero (you) is able to pick up and beat the attacker senseless with. If you do happen to be next to a piece of pipe by all means use it, but it’s just not that realistic.

So where is the improvised weapon in the parking lot? I’ll give you a clue its long slender and there is one on almost every car. That’s right the antenna.

Antennas make excellent weapons because they are usually long and whippy. You can use it to increase the distance between you and your attacker and to inflict serious pain hitting them in the body and face.

  • How to get this weapon: Remember a street fight is a potentially lethal encounter, which means your life is at stake. You will have to rip an antenna off of somebody’s car. They aren’t attached that well with a little adrenaline you will have no problem breaking one off (please don’t waste your time carefully unscrewing the thing). I’m not advocating vandalism but if my life is at stake I’m going to use whatever it takes to get out alive.

The secret to successfully using this self defense weapon is to swing it quickly. It should not be used for jabbing strikes only whipping. Don’t allow the attacker to grab hold of it.

Improvised Self Defense Weapon #2: Best Kept Barroom Secret

Every bar had either chairs or stools or both. I know you have probably seen a guy in the movies use a chair as a weapon. I think Jacky Chan used a chain in one of the Rush Hour movies, but you don’t have to be a kung fu master to drop a knife wielding attacker with a chair. And it doesn’t require a bunch of fine motor skills or anything else. You just have to know how to place one leg of the chair in the right spot so you can rotate the chair and put your attacker into a painful joint lock.

It really is simple. Check out this video clip of a instructor showing this easy and effective technique.

You should go ahead and practice this move with a friend and use a couple different types of chairs (that way you will feel comfortable doing this will almost any chair). Practice it slow at first but then go ahead and speed it up. In real life you will have to execute this move very quickly to be able to lock the arm in the chair.

As with any martial art or self defense move make sure you wear proper safety gear and practice on a padded surface.

Stay Smart and Stay Safe,

Bob Pierce



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    • CWanamaker profile image

      CWanamaker 6 years ago from Arizona

      This hub reminds me of the 40 or so Jackie Chan Movies I have seen. Practically anything can be used as a weapon, even things like car keys and the shirt right off your back.

    • jtyler profile image

      jtyler 6 years ago

      I like the antenna idea; it's pretty creative.