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How to Win Every Street Fight

Updated on August 2, 2009

First of all you have to decide if you want to be considered a fare fighter or a dirty fighter. Not to say every thing you do has to be dirty. If some one tells you that you fight dirty, just tell them “Hey I fight to win, If you got jumped at a bar, who would you rather have back you up, some one who fights fare or someone who will do anything to win.” That’s right they would want the crazy guy who bites and halls hair. LOL. Just kidding, maybe just the biting.

Next you will have to be deceptive. What do I mean by this? Well a lot of fights start with confrontation. Most people like to talk about fighting you before they ever engage. This should be your key opportunity. While he is focusing on telling you to step out side the fight should have been ended before he finished his sentence. How would you end this fight? Well you would have to strike vital areas on his body such as the eyes. Multiple fast eye jabs with the fingers can end a fight in seconds, as well as multiple throat strikes. Remember can’t see or breath, can’t fight.

What about some on who engages right away? Well there are two types of engagers. The one who grabs and tries to wrestle with you. They usually don’t try to strike until you start the striking. The next time you are out to a bar and a fight breaks out watch closely and there is a good chance there will be some sort of wrestling match to start the fight. Striking him as he approaches to grab you can easily defeat this type of fighter. Remember to keep your distance and strike. You don’t know how many of his friends are around and the last thing you would want is a grappling match then a kick to the face. Try to kick towards the groin and knee. Most people’s reflexes are to drop their hands to protect, which will open up their face for eye gouges; throat chops and even punches lol.

The next engager is the one that strikes. Keep your distance and see how he throws his punches. Are they slow and wide? These types of punches makes it easy to counter with eye gouges etc. because the person is so focused on hitting you that they are not protecting themselves. Lastly is the fast puncher. Avoid striking with this person. Grab him at that split second he misses with a strike and trip him with your feet to get him to the ground. Throw quick eye/throat strikes etc. then back off quickly to avoid his potential attacking friends. Remember not to rush to end a fight once it has begun. Swinging wildly will only get you knocked out. Look listens and react. That is the best you can do.

When it comes to fight you have to assume your going to get hurt. Very few people engage in fighting and don’t get hurt at all. Always avoid fighting at all cost, and be safe.

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    • profile image

      Killallyou 6 years ago

      Quickest ways to end a fight are: throat jab, death punch (punch to sternum), eye gauge and striking the nose, the fastest way to drop some1 cold is to aim for the fore head, this sends the brain rattling around inside your skull, choking some1 out is also affective, but involves getting close to the opponent, use this as a block and counter attack when people are striking.

    • profile image

      scrittman 6 years ago

      thanks for sharing love it

    • profile image

      I bring love to the world 7 years ago

      If I had to classify myself i would be the fast puncher. They believe the way to win is to throw as much punches per time to deal the most damage and their diverted attention does mean someone can wait for an opening and do what you said. but that doesnt usually work because it is relying on a few hits after you just taken a lot. Unless the guy is consumed by rage and is punching at fast speed without knowing whats going on, that does not work.Its always best to do rapid punching (but each must not be useless) but at the same time to keep a strong conscious co-ordination but at the same time to feel rage but that must not control you so you can no longer consciously plan. Basically, what i recommend this as self-defense to anyone. blocking, critical hitting, 'paralysing' doesnt do anything because defending brings no progress to a fight as he will keep fighting as long as he is able-- to defend you must attack. Feel genuine rage, be conscious, NEVER fear and enjoy getting hit and hitting to win. please comment and debate this with me.