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How to become a good Martial artist

Updated on February 3, 2013

Reality about Martial Arts

You may learn any martial art, but how much you achieve or how hard you throw punches depends on how much you practice it. First of all you need a good physical condition, health condition & mental condition to become a good fighter. Good fighters do not fight to show off & they are not always popular. Good fighters fight when there is a real need. Sometimes there are situations where there is a need but still you cannot fight. Do not imagine those stuffs in movies like you can fight with a battalion of army with bare hands. The fighter is a human being like you & I made with flesh & blood.

You may have seen various styles especially in Chinese Kung Fu. The Snake, Eagle, Tiger etc. To tell the truth most of them are for the demonstration purposes & not for real fights. Some selected punches & kicks out of them can be used to perform real fights. For example Bear’s hand is basically a slap on ears which can damage opponent’s ear drum. Leopard’s fist is thrown on lips since lip is a thin area & it can split easily. The Chicken punch is thrown on eyes since eyes are weak parts of the human body thus single finger is enough to damage your eye.

Seven Basic things

The patient, practice, strength, stamina, speed, flexibility & luck are the things which determine the victory of the fight when it comes to man to man combat.

Say no to anger

You can’t throw good punches when you become angry. Your body becomes stiff. You will forget your style of fighting & tend to do natural movement like grapping, pushing, hitting etc. You will not be able to access the situation if the situation is getting bad. If you think you cannot handle the fight or situation run & escape. If you are alive you can challenge your opponent later.

The Practice

The practice is how much you throw your punches & kicks. The more you practice the punches & kicks will become fast & precisely. Especially you need a good balance when you kick a person otherwise you will fall down. Practice kicks on an object. Just kicking in the air gives you confidence but it does not help you in real fights.

The Strength

The strength is a basic thing to get the Guts.Some Martial arts need comparately more strength than the other . The Karate needs more power than Kung Fu.Because you are going to block all those blows using your elbows most of the time. If you want to become a good fighter a small amount of weight training especially with free weights is always recommended. Good food culture is also highly recommended. In Asia there is a saying the Elephant is stronger & larger than the Lion but the Elephant is always less aggressive than the Lion. The reason they say is the food. The more you consume vegetable it is good for your body & soul. The meat is high protein food with high Cholesterol. In Asian culture meat food is believed to give aggressive mind & sexual drive.

The Stamina

The stamina is a real need when it comes to fight because you will become tired after some time if you do not have the stamina. The Jogging, swimming, cycling etc can increase stamina. If you are reluctant to do exercise at least go for a half an hour walk. It can take out your stress at least temporarily & increase your stamina too.

The Speed

The speed is again depends how much you practice.

The Flexibility

The flexibility is another secret of a good fighter. The more you Flex your body the internal organs are exercised. The Yoga exercise is all about flexibility. The flexibility helps you to douche kicks & punches.

The Luck or God’s blessings

The final think to win a fight you need the Luck or God’s blessings whatever you may call it. Because the environmental factors, your opponent’s ability & power, the weapons he/she is using also play the part.



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