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How to become a good shooter in basketball :: How to improve your basketball shooting skills

Updated on May 7, 2013

Shooting is so valuable in a basketball game since it can easily turn the tide in favor of your team, break up into pieces enemy defense, provide easy and quick points without using some time and extra effort, gives you momentum and breaking the spurt of the opposing team.


Here are some tips to help you become a fearsome shooter:

  • You arms must be in 90 degrees when attempting for a shot.
  • You must have a firm grip of the ball.
  • You must exert the right amount force while releasing.
  • Your eye must always be pointing to the rim.
  • Look before attempting or making a field goal. This will help you avoid getting blocked and improve your field goal shooting.
  • Practice crossover dribbling and using screens in a fast-paced manner. This will help you elude your defenders and help you create space for yourself to have good look at the basket.
  • Practice in all corners of the court and in the free-throw line. Shoot the ball as many as you can, the more the better. Keep in mind that superstar Kobe Bryant of NBA is doing this and he even makes at least 400 attempts while he is practicing. No wonder Bryant is not only excellent in attacking the rim but is also a potent shooter.

Here you have it some tips on becoming a shooter. I hope that this helps in a way.

My third hub in the April to May 2013 HubChallenge.


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