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How to: build a cheap, portable beach volleyball court with inexpensive materials. 3 Easy Steps.

Updated on April 8, 2015

Materials and tools needed to build a volleyball court

Materials: (3x) 10' wooden 2x4's, (4') 1x1" wooden dowel, (4x) Screw Eye Hooks, (2x) Regular Screw Hooks, (120') Hollow Braid Poly Rope, (2x) Spray Paint Cans (optional). You will also need a volleyball net and ball.

Tools: Drill, Drill Bit, Saw, Measuring Tape, Scissors, Lighter, Sharpie.


Step One: Install the screw hooks

Equip your power drill with an appropriately sized drill bit. Pre-drill a hole at the top of one of your 2x4's on a skinny side. Install one Regular Screw Hook. Drill another hole a few inches below, on the opposite side of your 2x4. Install one Screw Eye Hook. On the same side as the first hole, drill another hole about halfway down the pole. Install one Screw Eye Hook.

You should now have two Screw Eye Hooks, on opposite sides, and one Regular Screw Hook installed. Repeat this process for one of the other poles. Keep the remaining 2x4 to use as anchors. Optional: paint your poles for durability.

Step Two: Install the pole anchors

Cut a 1' length of 1x1" Wooden Dowel. Drill a hole about 1" from each end of the cut dowel. Cut a 1' length of the remaining 2x4. Drill a hole through the center of the cut 2x4, on one of the wider sides. Cut a piece of Hollow Braid Poly Rope to a length of about 20'. Burn the ends of the rope to prevent feathering.

Thread one end of the rope through the drilled 2x4 and tie an overhand knot on the shorter side of the rope, which went through the 2x4. Thread the longer side of the rope through a hole in one of the Wooden Dowel handles. Thread the rope through the middle screw hook on one pole. Thread the rope back through the remaining hole on the wooden dowel handle. Tie an overhand knot at the end of the rope. Repeat this process 3 more times, so each pole has 2 anchors.


Step Three: Construct the boundary lines

The dimensions of the court should be 52’6” x 26’3” for short court, and 59' x 29'6" for long court. This tutorial will use long court, but you can easily substitute the short court dimensions.

Leaving about a foot at the starting end, measure the Hollow Braid Poly Rope to a length of 59' and tie a loose overhand knot at this point. Mark the midpoint of this line with a Sharpie. Cut a 2' length from the other end of the rope and thread this through the overhand knot you just tied. Pull the knot tight. Cut a 1' length of 2x4 and drill a hole through the center. Thread the short rope through the newly cut anchor. Tie a square knot to secure the anchor.

From the overhand knot point, measure 29'6" and repeat the anchoring process. Continue for the remaining 59' and 29'6" lengths to create a rectangle. You may need to tie a square knot for the last anchor, since there will be two ends of rope. Now you have lines, you are ready.


Setting up your volleyball court

Lay out your net in an area free of rocks, seaweed, humans, and other obstacles. Stand on one end of your net and take one large, parallel step away from it. Take one large step perpendicular to the net. Mark this spot. Take two large steps back, perpendicular to the net. Mark this spot. Repeat for the other side of the net. Dig holes at these points that are at least 2' deep. Put the anchors in these holes and bury them with sand.

Loop the top wire of the net through the top Regular Screw Hooks on each pole. Erect your poles and yank on the Wooden Dowel handles until the top of the net is taught. Thread the bottom wires, or ropes, of the net through the bottom Screw Eye Hook. Thread the end of this wire back through the net eyelet. Pull this wire tight and fasten with a slipknot. You may have to adjust this tension so that the net is at the correct height, which is 7'11(5/8)" (Men's) or 7'4(1/8)" (Women's).

Lay out the boundary lines so that the midpoint of each long side is directly underneath the net. Dig holes about one foot from each boundary line anchor. Bury the anchors, making sure that the lines are taught, and the midpoints are still directly under the net on both sides. Now, marvel at your creation, find at least three other people, and enjoy your new portable volleyball net. (Rules Below)


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    • profile image

      Barb 2 years ago

      Pictures dude. Need one picture of the top half of one post showing the 2x4, eyelets, and rope configuration when all done and assembled.