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How to care for combat boots like a soldier!

Updated on May 26, 2010

Bates M9 desert combat boot

A modern combat boot
A modern combat boot

Modern army and marines combat boots are made from roughed tan leather. Unlike old school black leather boots, roughed tan leather requires different kind of care:

  • Remove insoles from the boots and let them air dry. Hand wash insoles if you want to, but do not put them in awashing machine
  • Remove shoelaces , tie them in a knot or put them in a knot, now you can wash them in a washing machine
  • Brush the dirt off the leather and nylon side panels with a soft brush
  • Use warm water to wash the boot, do not use soap or solvent detergents
  • Do not use alcohol, oils or shoe polish on these boots
  • Let your combat boots air dry
  • Replace the insoles and shoelaces
  • Combat boots are pre-waterproofed and additional solution can be applied if needed. Follow instructions on the bottle

Combat boots are made to last, even if you don't care for them that well. If you do care for them, they will last for a very long time!

These boots are perfect for airsoft, paintball, outdoor laser tag and other outdoor activities, like hunting and fishing!


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