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How to choose a camping chair

Updated on August 20, 2016

Camping chairs

One the favorite spare time activities for people of all ages these days are without a doubt camping. There are literally hundreds of reasons for someone to go camping. It can be that they love to be in nature, it can be to try and convince family and friends that they too love to be in nature, trips that are a family tradition, just to get out, bring your girl or boyfriend somewhere that parents won’t find you, and a lot more. Let’s just say that the motives can be different.

If you are planning to go on a camping trip, there are a few things you should have prepared in advance. One of those things revolves around the comfort of your trip. Should you bring camping chairs? If you don’t know what it is, here is a short explanation: A camping chair is a chair that is usually foldable, lightweight and is mainly used for camping. The main reason to bring a camping chair is, as already mentioned, the comfort. I guess that no one can argue about the fact that we are more accustomed luxury and comfort these days then people were just a few years ago. And why shouldn’t we bring some of this comfort with us if we have the chance? It is very practical to have a chair wherever you are. Eating, relaxing, talking, bird watching, and many other activities is a lot more pleasant when you have a chair to sit in.

To choose the right chair can be a bit problematic. There are a lot of different models and types of camping chairs on the market these days. The reason for it is very simple: camping can be a lot of different things, and different types of camping might require different equipment. A lot of factors play a role in what kind of equipment you should choose, but the most important factor is the distance to where you are going. And I am not talking about the distance to drive; I am talking about the walking distance.

Very short or no distance

This might actually be the most common way of camping. It involves both camping in tents, RV and just about everything you can think of. For these trips, you can bring just about whatever you want. The only thing you have to think about is how much room you have in your car. You don’t even have to be in good physical shape, because there is such a short distance to carry your chairs. On some of the places that are set up for camping you don’t even have to think about bringing chairs, they are already there. But you do have the option to bring a chair that is as good as or even better than the chair you have at home.

Short to medium distance

The fact that you have left the car behind and walked a bit, means that you will have to carry everything you are bringing. If you are planning to spend the night on one of these trips, you will usually spend it in a tent. That has to be carried. Everything you eat has to be carried. Sleeping bags has to be carried. And so on. Now the question is how much you will sacrifice of the comfort of sitting for the comfort while walking. You usually have to go down a few notches in comfort on you chair to get a lighter one. Of course this is also question of your physical shape, because you can carry more if you are in good shape.

Medium to long distance

Now we are talking about some of the hardest things regular people will ever do. We are talking about walking for hours and hours in the mountains or woods. This put some restrains on what we can bring. Everything that we bring has to be carefully planned, because if we bring to much equipment, we might not reach the destination before next year. Again, the physical health comes into play. Most people choose a light camping stool for these trips. Camping stools are camping chairs that are stripped to the bare minimum. No back and minimal padding in the seat.

Very long distance

Not many do camping trips in this category. These are trips that go on for days and weeks. Usually people sacrifice the whole chair idea to bring something more useful. Remember, these guys are used to being in nature and they don’t care about sitting on a rock.

It all boils down to what you need for your trip. The real problem begins when you realize that you will probably do a mix of distances on your trips. Well, there are two solutions to that problem. Get used to sitting on one of the lighter chairs on all of your trips, or buy several chairs.

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