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How to disc golf (frolf)- getting started basics, techniques

Updated on April 17, 2012

Hello ! Seeing as you clicked the link and are viewing a hub about disc golf ( frolf, Frisbee golf) right now. I would enjoy, going over the basic rules, types of disc and throwing technique, just for you. I will also provide links to buy discs and locate disc golf courses near you :)

watch and learn

Ok lets get started, if your someone who's played disc golf before, or if your the person who's not particularly familiar with the sport, but would like to give it a try, theres a couple things you have to know. Plus a few things your going to need. Look below to figure it out

  1. Discs
  2. A Course (or buy baskets and set your own up)
  3. Patience
  4. Smiles
  • optional things are friends, beer, whatever you want to carry

Here are your basic rules !!! plus I saved myself some time, why rewrite something if its only a new tab away!

Here's where you can locate a disc course near you have fun!

Just in case you don't trust it here's some course reviews.

In disc golf, there are a number of different variations in discs and throws used for different purposes,just as in golf there are different clubs and ways to use them. Were sticking to the basics today.

Types of discs

  • Driver
  • Mid range
  • Putter

Types of throws

  • Fore hand
  • Back hand
  • Tomahawk

the driver, used for long range throws
the driver, used for long range throws | Source
 mid range ,very versatile
mid range ,very versatile | Source
 putter, for short range throws into the basket
putter, for short range throws into the basket | Source

This video is pretty silly and entertaining but hits home with a few of the basics and reinforces a laid back attitude most recreational discers like myself and a lot of people i know have.

OK :) Now that you have your disc or discs lets get you started on the general techniqes to throw a disc


  • Fore hand
  • Back hand
  • Tomahawk

putting is the easy part haha

below i have embeded 4 videos that I believe are the best to learn from. (sorry for the same annoying intro for all of them) I wanted videos that are short sweet and most important accurate

general techniques

  • Keep your disc low!
  • Keep your disc level!
  • Practice your drives !
  • Practice your release!

forehand technique

double finger wedge and keep it flat and have it nudged in your hand

  • Good for right fading shots due to spin of disc
  • Easy for amateurs to pick up
  • Lean to keep disc flat
  • Plant on opposite foot as your throwing

back hand technique

keep disc flat and level as your throwing right along your body and execute the "x step"

  • Good for left fading shots due to spin of disc
  • Uses the "X step"
  • Lean to keep disc flat and level
  • Power grip

tomahawk/thumber technique

  • Great for getting over obstacles (trees, bushes)
  • Throw high and as hard as you can
  • Similar grip to the forehand(except the disc is vertical)
  • Easy for amateurs

thanks for visiting this page I wish you a great day and I hope disc golf becomes one of your favorite hobbies its one of mine.

please look below for some extra stuff that comes in handy !

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