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How to follow a bodybuilding program to get good results within a month?

Updated on May 2, 2011

Below is a simple weekly schedule of exercises you can do to get good results in a month:

On Monday: Do back and triceps workouts = back pulley 4 sets, front pulley with T-bar 2 sets, dumbbell row 3 sets, cable row 3 sets, lower back 3 sets, both arms dumbbell, pushdown cable, double bar.

On Tuesday: Do shoulder and upper chest workouts = front Smith machine bar 3 sets repetitions with same weight, seated dumbbell press, one hand side dumbbell, back press machine , push down cable press, incline bench ,incline dumbbell repetition constant weight, and then double bar.

On Wednesday: Do legs and biceps = 100 sit-ups, leg presses, high squats, leg extension, calves press, hamstring machine standing calves press, alternate biceps dumbbell , hammer dumbbell, biceps supper set on zigzag bar.

On Thursday: Only take a good rest.

On Friday: Do biceps and triceps = hammer dumbbell curls, seated biceps press, upper cable press, biceps press on zigzag rod, alternate dumbbell, both arms dumbbell, pushdown cable.

On Saturday: Do chest and hamstrings workout = flat bench, incline bench, incline dumbbell, flat dumbbell, pullover, front chest press, double bar.

On Sunday: Relax and rest.

Getting time for your workout:

Many of my friends in the gym always complain of having less time to work out and I agree this is a dire situation, as I have felt it myself and even now do as a transcriptionist plus article writer working 12 hours a day, I have learnt how to modify my workouts to suite my needs and body type.

If your problem is finding time to workout, say if you work 12 hours like me, it is obvious you cannot get time in between to run to the gym and you are certainly not going to be able to workout after, not unless you are a professional who's a freak for fitness, so do what's the obvious- bed and get a good day's rest (dont roam around with friends and waste your energy), get up 3 hours prior to starting work, hit the gym for an hour or less and come back, take something healthy to eat and drink, rest (don't lie down) and then head to work. Make sure you don't strain your workouts too much when you start out. Start slowly. Experiment your body's limits. The first day need not be much more than simple stretching and light weights for a half hour. Let your body become accustomed before you go for somethin heavy or it is going to show on your work by making you tired.


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