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How to put on grip tape ( PERFECT GRIP TAPE job every time) (skateboard)

Updated on August 2, 2012

do you skateboard? ever wonder how to get that grip tape perfect every time? Then this hub is for you and by the time you get done with this i guarantee you will be putting that grip tape on correctly and perfect every time :)

Why you should trust me

  • been skateboarding for over 5 years
  • put mine and friends grip-tape on countless times

what your gonna' need

  1. grip-tape (to buy)>
  2. skateboard deck (to buy)>
  3. file/or anything to score the edge
  4. razor blade
  5. left over piece of grip tape
  6. attention to detail

all credit goes to skateboardtech


  1. Lay your board down on a flat surface, peel off a small section of the plastic film located on the bottom of the grip tape. Center it with your deck(so you just see the grip, no wood) then press it on.
  2. Slowly start to peel the rest of the film as your laying down the grip-tape (slightly tilting the grip-tape to one side while patting the grip-tape down with your hand to avoid getting air bubbles).
  3. OK,now that grip-tape is completely covering the top if your board, you can use your file or anything with a blunt edge(screw driver,back of razor) tilt the object slightly and score(scrape) all around the edges of your board until a white line is visibly in the shape of your deck(it doesn't take much, maybe two passes around).
  4. Now take your razor-blade and start cutting from underneath that white line (I told you about it in step 3) you don't have to cut it off all in one piece like in the video, but it doesn't hurt.
  5. The final step is the easiest. As skateboarder for 5 years, I'll tell you this is one of the most important parts. Take a left over piece of grip-tape,use it like sand paper to smooth all around the edges for a smooth finish and to assure that it doesn't peel.
  6. Get out and go skate :) Be safe and, of course, have fun!
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    • TylerWnorby profile image

      TylerWnorby 6 years ago from bemidji

      well skating isn't something you can do forever lol props to you guys for keeping it going so it was around for me :) yeah the new wheels don't slide much anymore unless on he right surface. thank you very much. wanted to give this writing thing a try,hope I'l do alright. i really appreciate any feedback

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 6 years ago from Space Coast

      I don't skate anymore. Our first big advance . . . clay wheels. Don't laugh, when you go real fast and throw it sideways, they skid, slide. Make sure you bring plenty of spare wheels.

      Good looking hub. Well laid out and tight presentation.