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How to guard or neutralize shooters in basketball

Updated on May 7, 2013

Basketball is a game of spurts, a team with better scoring runs in the game usually prevails and the better way to make a spurt is by converting shot after shot after shot. If you want your team to avoid getting scorched by streak shooters it is of essence to put the handcuffs on them.


Here are some valuable tips to control the game by silencing the deadly outside snipers of the other team.

Play man zone or man-to-man defense often to give your team to challenge every field goal attempts of your opponents. Doing this will force the shooter to hesitate, pass or commit errors.

Throw different defenders on the shooters (short, big or quick). This will confuse the shooters and will lose some of his concentration while attempting for a hot.

Put your best defender (big, quick and has a long wingspan) to whip up sticky defense on the potent shooter of the opposing. Your defender will sacrifice his scoring output by guarding the shooter at all times. Keep in mind that the defender should minimize the touches of the shooter on the ball so as to lessen his attempts and involvement in the game.

Here it is thanks a lot for the read.

My fifth article in the April-May 2013 HubChallenge.


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