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How to hit a Tennis Drop Shot

Updated on June 29, 2015


The drop-shot is one of those shots that require delicate hands to execute perfectly. The drop-shot is used by uncountable players on the tour. the drop-shot is only performed when there is a decent gap between you and the player. for example most of the players use a drop shot when they know the player is in the far back end of the baseline.

Drop Shot

the stroke itself is very hard to do, and requires very good timing. There aren't many players left in the tour who successfully execute the drop-shot for its purpose. federer in us open 2008 and 2009, was the prime time of the tennis era, the amount of variations he put on every stroke was pretty much mesmerising and beautiful to see. Him and many other player still use this stroke but due to the upcoming generation of topspin players, its coming increasingly harder to out run the players.

Backhand Drop Shot

now there are various types of drop-shots in tennis, the most common and natural one being the backhand drop shot. because its your natural stance towards the balls approach, you automatically put the backhand in motion. a lot of people confuse themselves with the backhand volley. it is very similar to the volley, but remember a drop shots purpose is to reduce the balls rotations after touching the ground. basically you have to put reverse spin on the ball for it stop dead, otherwise it wouldn't be successful. the backhand drop shot always needs spin on it for it to have any effect against the player.

Forehand Drop Shot

The forehand drop-shot is a stroke which requires the player to get in a position in where he can reduce the balls RPM and gently just cushion the shot over the net. The half volley drop-shot is a much technical shot and also a far superior shot in comparison to the normal forehand drop-shot. For the player to even make a shot of this level, he must have amazing hand eye coordination. the likes of federer. djokovic, nadal and many others can perform this shot.

The Value of a Drop Shot

Many people disregard the fact, that a drop-shot is not a very useful stroke. Which is a false statement by far. The drop-shot hasn't only been used by pro's but its been used by tennis legends. sampras, borg, mcnroe, etc... People who have an all round game with a full set of strokes, are likely to be more consistent on tour than the rest of the players. so its concluded that a drop-shot is a necessity for any player trying to compete in the ITF or the higher tier tournaments.

I have given some video's which help you to understand the way a drop-shot is done, learning from video's is one thing, but implementing that idea in practice is the basis of the tutorial. practice, practice and practice, if you want near perfection for any shot, than keep on practising your shots and try different simulations accordingly. Hopefully the videos might give you a better insight from how I have explained it.


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