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How to hit a Tennis Lob

Updated on June 24, 2015

Introduction to the Tennis Lob

What is the tennis lob exactly? Well, If we speak in the literal sense, we can say that its a shot that goes over your head. Tennis lob is rarely taught by coaches now a days. because most coaches things its a risky or useless shot. American players and Australian players are known for their brute strength in tennis, but I have said this time and time again that tennis is not about out powering your opponent its about creating the right angles. But the lob is very perfect disguise to disorientate your opponent.

Tennis Lob Projectory

Tennis Lob Explained

Now everyone has seen many tennis professionals hit the tennis lob. But how many of them actually go in? The actual reason why many amateur players don't hit a volley is because the error margin is too great. But none the less, the lob is a secret weapon to put in your arsenal.

  • When executing the tennis lob always remember that the player must be running towards the net or be at the net. other wise, there wouldn't be any point in doing the shot in the first place.
  • another important factor is balance, without balance your lob is either going to be out or not high enough to pass the opponent.
  • You never hold your racquet tightly when performing a lob
  • Always be ready after the lob has been performed, there is a chance the player might retrieve it.

Backhand Lob

Backhand Lob

The backhand lob is a much more harder stroke than the forehand lob, mainly because it uses the smaller muscles around your fore arm to contract. It is also a very hard stroke to perform. Above is a simple demonstration of a casual backhand lob.

Forehand Lob

Forehand Lob

The forehand lob is a much easier stroke, and requires less force, as it is easier to place it in the sweet spot of your racquet. The above picture is a simple demonstration of this.

Defensive Lob vs Offensive Lob

There is always the argument whether an offensive lob is better or a defensive lob. now there is no refined answer for this, as it solely depends on the situation at hand. but many players would say that the offensive lob is a much better response then the defensive lob. I will explain the difference in brief between the two lob techniques.

Offensive Lob -

The offensive lob is the type of lob in which the player is trying to win the point with, basically a lob which cant be returned or caught up to. andre agassi and michael chang were pretty famous for doing offensive lobs. also offensive lobs are usually performed when the opponent is very close at the net.

Defensive Lob -

The defensive lob is the type of lob in which the player is trying to prolong the point. This type of lob is very effective against attackers. The main aim of a defensive lob is push the player back to the baseline, so you can recover from the position you are in.

Defensive Lob

TopSpin Forehand Lob

Do you need the Tennis Lob?

Yes!, It is very important that you utilise this tennis stroke to change the tide of the game. Tennis is a pressure game, and to take advantage of a tough situation, you sometimes must switch it up or mix up the strokes, so you can trick your opponent, the lob is the perfect idea.


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