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How to Improve Darts Consistency

Updated on May 6, 2018

Throwing stance

One part of consistency is having a comfortable and stable throwing technique. I'm not an expert in the 'normal' technique as my throw is a bit unorthodox but there a few minor changes that can benefit your game.

  • Back foot position - In my experience, players can be tempted to lean towards the board too much. Is being a few inches closer to the board worth sacrificing your stability? I would keep the rear foot about shoulder width away from the front foot and try to keep most of the foot on the floor.
  • Secondary hand - Something that you may be neglecting is keeping your non-throwing hand tucked into the same position while throwing. Doing this should help keep the posture consistent.
  • Follow through - After releasing the dart, make sure the arm follows through to an almost horizontal position. This will stop jerkiness and produce a smoother throwing action.
  • Settle in - Before throwing your first dart take a second to focus.This will hopefully stop any first darts being wasted with a rushed throw.

Practice routines

Now you have a quality stance the only thing to do is practise, practise and practise some more. Practice should be personal to you, it should be routines that you enjoy and for an amount of time that is manageable for you. Four intense sessions of thirty minutes can be more beneficial than a single two hour session, personally a shorter time keeps me focused and prevents boredom. The crucial thing is to do some form of regular practice. If Phil Taylor is still practising then you have no excuse!

It's a bullseye, repeated three times!
It's a bullseye, repeated three times! | Source

There are too many routines to list them all but here are some that have helped me the most with my consistency.

  • Nine darts at the bull - Throw three sets of darts at the bull, only the inner and outer bull count and see what you score. This is good as a quick warm up to get your eye in.
  • Three in a bed - Go around the board, from one to twenty, moving on to the next number when you hit all three darts in the single number section. Singles are often neglected as too easy to practice but they are crucial for setting up the all important double finish. This should also improve the grouping of your darts.
  • One chance - Start on one and only move onto the next number when you hit the single, every time you miss go back to the start. This gives you one dart at every single number after one. See how far around the board you can get. A frustrating game if it's not your day but certainly worth it to practise dealing with pressure and you will become a boss at single one.
  • Key numbers - Go through the numbers seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty, only moving on when you've hit three darts in that number's bed and repeated it five times. A simple but effective practice to focus on hitting consistently high scores.
  • Consecutive Twenties - Throw at the twenty section and count the cumulative score of consecutive darts in the twenty bed, darts in other beds don't count and reset your score to zero. Set yourself an achievable but optimistic target and your scoring should improve. This is very good to reduce the amount of stray ones and fives when throwing at twenty.

Follow these tips and eventually you will be able to hit your own 180's.
Follow these tips and eventually you will be able to hit your own 180's. | Source
  • Around the world (doubles) - Start on one and move onto the next number after hitting the current number's double. A decent routine as it makes sure you practice hitting every double on the board.
  • Finishes - List the numbers from forty down to two and cross the numbers off after finishing that number within three darts. Builds confidence in the essential finishes that need to be learnt.

Good luck

Whatever the level of your game, I hope these tips will help you to improve but the most important thing is to remain cool, relaxed and enjoy the magnificent game of darts whatever it throws at you.

Conquering the madhouse of double one!
Conquering the madhouse of double one! | Source

© 2013 Sam Brind


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    • profile image

      Dinger Kiser 

      19 months ago

      Thank you for the practice tips. I haven’t played really well since the 80’s but still enjoy playing at the Eagles but am low on the scale. These tips should help my game

    • Deborah Minter profile image

      Deborah Minter 

      2 years ago from U.S, California

      Love this game.

    • Sam Brind profile imageAUTHOR

      Sam Brind 

      6 years ago

      Thanks, I think it's rare for someone to be good at darts straight away but put the practice in and you will get there.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Nice article. I love darts although I'm not good at it, lol. Voted up and useful.


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