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homemade deer hunting ground blind

Updated on July 15, 2012

Homemade ground blind

How to make your ground blind from natural surroundings

How to find the right location

•First you need to find a location where the wind will be blowing your scent away from deer trails or bedding. It has to be a spot where you can see and i recommend trying a couple different angles til you find a good spot to shoot from. You also want to make sure that your sitting comfortable and that you can see well enough to shoot.

•Second is to look around at the vegetation and try to find matching colors from surrounding plants that will match where your going to sit. I like to take some hand clippers and cut branches and brush from the area so it blends in well.

Log cabin hunting blind

How to choose the right ground blind to build

Look at the 2 blinds to the right

•The top right is a blind made between planted pines, it over looks a food plot that has lots of close contact with deer and turkey. It was made from vines and browse found between pine rows. This was a very productive stand last year but pictures do it little justice, there's a small tree to rest your back and a nice view thru a small hole.

•The log cabin ground blind to the right was built from dead logs laying around. After you stack these high enough so you can just see eyes above, make sure you can rest comfortable against the tree. Now you see the small greenery in the back ground cut enough and lay it over the logs till it bends in. This hunting blind was along a swamp with a large hill of down trees at one side funneling deer about 70-100yds; in front.

Rather hunt from a deer stand?

Building your own stand and sharing with a child can be very rewarding. Here's Free deer stand plans, if you'd like to give it a try.

5 Things to keep in mind

Make sure your concealed

  • Make sure that your clothing and camo matches your surroundings, you want to blend with nature as much as possible. A good tip to help cover your scent is move some dirt and damp leaves from the area over your legs.
  • When hunting from a ground blind always keep movements to a minimum, this is why you want as little as possible visible so you can move your hands and feet a little without being seen. Deer can quickly spot horizontal movements.
  • Listen carefully, the wildlife around you can tell you in advance when game is around you. Squirrels bark, crows call, leaves rustle and many times deer aren't quite.
  • Pick a location where you can see horizontal movements, you can't hunt what you can't see. If you can see longer distances your also more likely to stay alert.
  • Try to find a spot to rest your gun where you don't have to move it much but aren't stuck holding it up all day.

Want to see more deer

Building a deer feeder can make deer work to more open areas or keep them using certain trails. How to make a deer feeder, here's free plans. Before putting any wildlife feeder out check your state regulations on feeding game.


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