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How to Pump up Your Back - Exercises for Women

Updated on March 17, 2017

Why you have to pump up your back

Not only because it will make it prettier and give you an opportunity to put on swimsuits and dresses with open back. Strong back muscles support spine much better which directly influences your posture. In addition to this pumped up back opens you access to new exercises with more serious weights which can also improve other groups of muscles.

Exercises for back muscles

1. Inverted “snow angels”

Exercise which you can easily do in home conditions. Lie on the mat face down and place your hands along your body. Take a weight plate with 2.5 kg in each hand (weight can vary depending on the training level and personal preferences). Connect hands right in front of you with slow movements, in doing so moving them in parallel to the floor. After that bring back the hands in initial position.

If carrying out the exercise with additional weight is too difficult, keep on doing the exercise without it. Your goal is to make 2 sets with 15-20 repetitions.

2. “Dolphin’s blow”

Stand in plank. Forearms should be parallel to your legs. Elbows - approximately on the level of shoulders. From this position, bending out with your back and bending your knees, bring them closer to the floor surface and once again straighten back again.

3. “Superman”

Lie on the floor, by drawing out hands right in front of you. Bending out in your back, raise your arms and legs as high as possible. Remain in this position for 2-3 seconds and go back to your initial position. Carry out 10-15 sets, after which take a rest and do another set.

4. “Good morning”

Exercise which will strengthen your waist and make it truly strong. You can train in executing this exercise like this: lean with your back against the wall, stand back from it approximately 8-15 cm and holding your hands on your stomach, bend out with your waist so that you can touch the wall beside you with your pelvis.

During execution of this exercise you slightly bend your knees, but the main movement is caused by arching of your back. When you will feel that you are executing this movement well, move back form the wall a few centimeters more by increasing the movement amplitude. When the execution even at this distance won’t be causing any complications move back from the wall and carry out the exercise without any support.

5. “Swimmer”

Lying on your stomach raise your right arm and left leg and afterwards – left arm and right leg. You don’t have to carry out the exercise to fast: your movements should be smooth; you should feel the spine muscles.


This exercise will help to strengthen the waist and lower part of the spine. Lie on your back. Rest your legs on the floor like you do it before execution of a standard bridge. Rest your hands along your body. From this position raise your pelvis so that your thighs create one straight line with the body. Hold your pelvis at the highest point for 2-3 seconds and go back to initial position.

Do not pull your shoulders from the floor when carrying out this exercise. Carry out the pull-ups with back muscles, minimizing the participation of legs. Carry out 3 sets with 20 reps.

7. “Pike” Press-ups

Lying, raise the pelvis up so that your waist with legs forms a 45-60 degree angle. From this position perform push-ups, by bending elbows with small amplitude. Choose the number of reps based on individual preferences.

Use these exercises so that your back attracts only delighted looks.


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