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How to stay updated with the Olympic games?

Updated on July 27, 2012

The London Olympic games are here. One of the largest sporting events in the world has enough events, controversies, news that you just can't miss. Add to that the latest scores, medals list etc. But in this busy life, it becomes quite difficult to stay updated. So how to do it without giving it a lot of your time? Here are the best options :

  • Search for good apps - Well the app store for your mobile platform will suggest you nothing more than a million apps to stay updated with the games but go around looking a bit, read the reviews and go for the best one. The one I can suggest is a chrome app named 360scores. Here is a good list - Olympic games apps
  • Follow your favorite Sportspersons on twitter - A lot of them have joined twitter and are using social media to reach their followers. Go join your favorite ones.
  • Watch events on TV - Yes, I know it sounds old and contrary to what I have suggested earlier, but the fun of watching the games live cannot be matched by anything else.
  • Get that sports geek around - We all know a guy who is a sports geek, a walking ESPN, so maybe joining him and listening to him won't do you any harms.
  • Follow Olympics on Facebook - What's better than following the games on the most social place on Earth.


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    • callmelife profile image

      callmelife 5 years ago from India

      Yes all the newspapaers are doing that. It's really very helpful.

    • profile image

      Ghost32 5 years ago other method: One of our area newspapers printed a "2012 Londone Summer Olympics Event Calendar" which has a bar graph schedule for each event and a listing of the days they're happening, along with the ability to tell in advance which are medal events and which are qualifying events.