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How to tough out a multi-day airsoft game and enjoy it!

Updated on May 28, 2010

The need for multi day preparation

You have registered for a multi day airsoft/paintball scenario game! You are very excited, because this is like having 3x as much airsoft in a single weekend!

Here's what you can do to prepare for the game.

Large games may last for a couple days!

Preparation for a multi-day game
Preparation for a multi-day game


Most multi day events start at one day, involve an overnight camping session and then resume the next day. Sometimes there's an option to arrive the day before and camp overnight.

Unless you are an absolute hardcore fan of camping, don't arrive the day earlier and camp overnight, unless you have the necessary supplies. Even if you have a tent, the poor quality of sleep will leave you at a disadvantage the next day. 

Sleeping on an airsoft field

Sleeping next to your gear on an airsoft field
Sleeping next to your gear on an airsoft field

Camping equipment

In all of my airsoft overnight and late night games, it became apparent that a significant amount of preparation is needed to survive an overnight game and have fun the next day. In fact, most overnight airsoft games experience attrition of over 50% of players who do not show up for the next day's game. I don't blame them - airsoft is a very active sport, and it takes a lot of endurance to play a couple days straight!

Here's what you may want to bring to a multiple day airsoft game:

  • Sleeping bag + mat. This is crucial, as sleeping in any sized car after an airsoft game is very uncomfortable.
  • Blanket or warm clothes. It does get very cold at night, especially in the spring/fall. You are not trying an overnight winter camping, are you?
  • Hot food or some way to warm up water to heat up your MREs, freeze dried food or whatever else. Food must be nutritious and easy to eat!
  • Hand sanitizer and water to wash your hands. Eating with dirty hands is not a good decision, because you may touch all kinds of moldy things on an airsoft field. Plus you may end up touching your face or eyes later.
  • Drinkable water. It is very important, so you won't get dehydrated. A 20 pack of bottled water works well.
  • Flashlight, as woods tend to become very dark at night and running your car's headlights is not a very good option.
  • A good axe if you want to start a campfire. Those crappy little handaxes are very difficult to cut anything with
  • A spare pair of sneakers if your boots get wet. Extra socks and clothes are also recommended, especially if you will be playing in a night or early morning game (lots of dew on grass).
  • At least 4000 BBs + multiple charged batteries. There will be a lot of shooting!

Shoe covers for night games

Managing your endurance

Multi day games may not only exhaust your muscles, but your adrenal system as well. The spikes of activity and adrenaline, along with walking back and forth to/from respawn may be tough for most people who are not in shape. Ensure that the weight of your gear is adequate.

This may not be so evident during the first day, in fact you would play rather well. It is the second day that counts. Here, the effect of crappy sleep, being tired, being hungry and possibly even thirsty will show. This is why most multi day airsoft games have dramatic decline in participation at the second day.

However, if you follow these simple steps, you would do ok:

  • Get plenty of sleep the day before
  • Bring nutritious food and eat it throughout the day
  • Don't get dehydrated
  • Limit the weight of your equipment (many people play such games with a ton of gear)
  • Don't get your assault boots wet or use shoe covers, especially during night and early morning, when dew is present on grass, or if it's raining.
  • Conserve your strength, multi day games are marathons of endurance, and they are played slightly different!

In essence, the Milsim aspect of a lot of games comes from the fact that the second day action is no longer done by fresh airsofters, but by more exhausted ones. This dramatically changes the tactics, and the much hated bunker defense from the previous day does not seem so bad anymore :)

Enjoying the game

A multi day airsoft game offers unique challenges to airsofters, and this is why they are so enjoyable! With proper preparation, you may experience a game that is closer to military simulation then a usual game.

Because people may get tired, the usual rush tactics disappear and people play a lot more conservatively and realistically. I believe that with proper preparation, the second day attrition can be significantly reduced to keep the fun going on for longer!

Finally, you get to experience the night sky, as seen from the woods in the middle of nowhere - it is spectacular! Sharing stories at a campfire, playing cards at a dimly lit table or engage in discussing your teammate's sleeping habits as they sleep!


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