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Principles of Figure Skating: How to understand Subjectivity

Updated on September 27, 2014

Licentious basic points are a self-grading

Self-grading is the first step for the ISU to demolish the established judging custom. This is the beginning of arbitrary judging.

Again it doesn't matter what system we have. As long as the judges run strict standards of ratification, everything would be okay.

You can't award half portion of entire points because they said they did it. You must scrutinize the quality and put the strictest ruler to draw out desirable performances.

A figure skating judge has to be a person who understands and adheres to the principles of figure skating. No matter how flawed a system may be, the operator can make it worth.

Again the system is not a culprit.

So those basic values cannot, shall not, and will not be ratified without due qualities and its standard will be set strictly demanding.

I am doing triple lutz, says you. I reply, Show me your lutz.

Now it's judges' job that classifies those skaters fairly and grade them according to their level of skating. You shall not hand out GOE without undisputed excellence of quality.

Julia Lipnitskaia in Euro

The Rule of the Rules 3

Skaters in lower than 8.0 PCS seldom receive +GOE on jumps.

As you see, due to the strict standard for ratification that requires high skill and high level of skating quality, those skaters in lower division are not likely to become beneficiaries of GOE, not that they are discriminated for their class, they are in fact in the lower class because of poor quality of their jump and general skating.

It's classification.

Figure skating is not a subjective sport. Determining which is better or which is in higher degree of performance is not a matter of subjectivity. Though it requires some expertise, there is little chance of being left in gray in judging if he or she is trained properly. Especially thanks to modern technology, it's available for anyone to check or recheck or compare them even in real time.

While jump may work in favor of skaters in higher level, other elements show less disparity between levels. On the contrary, skaters in the lower division may outduel skaters in the higher division. For example, for spin, younger skater with flexibility present better qualities.

To wrap up rescoring, in Sochi, the ISU' judges did violate all major principles of the sport.For judges in Sochi, my verdict is simple and irrevocable: none of the Sochi judges are qualified for figure skating judges.

2013 Worlds Free

Figure Skating is not a subjective sport

Take a look at Li Jijun in 2013 Worlds.

I once criticized Li's scores for too generous, but compared to Russians, I must say I am unfair to Li. In a previous article I put Li in the same level with Julia Lipnitskaia, but it's only because competition requires a set of boundaries that makes competition feasible even prior to fairness.

In one to one comparison, of course, Li, though still juniorish, is in higher level than Lipnitskaia in every aspect, at least based on her moves in 2013 Worlds.

I think Sotnikova has a potential to further grow, if she strives, but Lipnitskaia is not only disqualified for senior level, but as a skater, I am pessimistic. In the past I always pointed the lack of basic in Elizaveta Tuktamysheva when everybody wowed about her.

It's like Russians think they can get away with those bogus skaters. The ISU and Russians are making themselves a laughing stock.

The current ISU and judges are an object of impeachment. To simply put it, as long as they are there, figure skating cannot function. The ISU is a pro-Russian institution and their judges are mere puppets to their Russian agenda. Of course, otherwise they will be systematically eliminated.

It's time for USFSA to take actions.

Based on the video above, how do you grade Li's average PCS?

See results

Sochi is an institutional lie

You may have heard it's too subjective to classify skaters before even the competition begins. That's not true. In the beginning, figure skating never was a subjective sport. People with agendas of their own nation, race, political hegemony, class, may say that to cover up their criminal intention.

In compulsory time, the trace the blades left on the ice never lied. There were evidences for you to see in judging. What lied was the judges.

Today, thanks to technology, you can always rewind the game and see how they perform and compare them. There is no way that figure skating is subjective.

Just as in compulsory time, judges pretended they found wrong traces, saying they saw disarray or irregularity in pattern, today those judges say they saw a golden robe hanging on a naked body.

Just as we had liars back then, we still have liars today and will have those liars tomorrow, but figure skating in nature has been and still is one of the most objective sports.

Based on the current COP system, or any system you invent, there is no way for skaters in 7.0 PCS level to beat skaters 8.0 PCS level except on extreme conditions in which the latter significantly screws.

Then you may ask what's the point of competing? It looks prefixing. Not really.

What's the point of a sprinter with the best record of 10.5 second competing with others of 9.8 second? What chances do the former has against the latters in real competition? Almost zero, but they compete in the same arena and sometimes we see unexpected.

But Sochi isn't anything like that. It's an institutionally designed fraud and lie.

What solution do you most prefer in order to restore figure skating?

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    • profile image

      anna bella 

      4 years ago

      Basically[In principle], I agree with what you said. Figure Skating Scandal in Sochi

      I'd like to Say to Sotnikova.

      "The graceful silver medalist is better than the disgraceful gold medalist."

      Your gold medal will be discussed in figure skating forever.


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