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How to catch trout with a flyrod

Updated on June 26, 2011

How to catch trout on a fly and spinner.

In fishing stream waters it is best to cast your fly- spinner upstream and across so that it will sweep down with the water.

If you hold the rod high so that a minimum amount of the line or leader is in the water the lure can be caused to travel at an even pace through the water.

Where small mouth bass waters occur in a stream these fish are always to be found rooting and grubbing among the tumbles of rocks and boulders in shore to fresh water cray fish,

you will find your fly and spinner combination at it's best.If fishing from a boat keep well enough away from these shore grounds so as not to come in site of the fish.When your spinner drops to water,start that twitching of the rod tip to set the hackles to opening and closing which is a positive demand in this type of fishing.

Usually you work the lure out for about three or four feet before you pick it up for another cast in another location.A point scored for the fly and spinner manner of fishing is that you can cover the likely places in the water far more thoughroly with the same than with a bait rod casting a bass plug.Your casts with the bait plug may be 8 to 10 feet apart,but with the fly rod they are spaced within a foot or two feet apart.Therefore all the gaps in between are taken care of with the use of a fly rod.

Like the bass,trout species in various parts of the continent find the fly and spinner combination attractive.

In the west,the pools on the rivers and streams are the home of some of the biggest and largest trout,both rainbows and browns.In fishing a pool first cast to it's lower end,then work out along the sides and leave until the last the head of the pool where the waters come down.In this manner the fish can be led down to be netted at the lower end of the pool without disturbing the fish at the head of the pool where,as a rule some of the larger ones are to be found.To fish the deep water of a pool,nip on several split shot sinkers 18 inches above the fly,at which distance the revolving of the spinner will not be interfeared with.

A nine foot fly rod with a fairly generous amount of backbone is a demand in this type of fishing.While vaarious seemless steel fly rods might be recommended for use,it will be found that a five and one half ounce bamboo rod of better grade is by far the best for the purpose.

A tapered fly line is also is also ideal for such casting in that the lure is projected easier to it's destination by the use of this type line.

While a feather weight single action reel can be used with success in fly and spinner fishing it is a fact that the aytomatic reel not only controls the line better by absorbing the slack as it occurs,but also gives a desirable heft which seems to balance up the rod.

Depending o the back bone in your rod you can select either an HDH or an HCH line for casting the fly and spinner combination.If using a tapered line it is also desirable to use a tapered leader which need be six feet in length.For casting farther than is ordinarily done in spinner and fly fishin,the combination of tapered leader is almost an essential demand.

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