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How to Win Every time at Ping Pong

Updated on May 16, 2012

First and foremost let me say ping pong is my life. As a child my mother purchased a ping pong table, I had four brothers to play against. When I went to college there was a lounge that had a ping pong table and a pool table. It seems everywhere I go there is a ping pong table there. Now I am 27 years old and I spend my lunch breaks from work playing ping pong against chinese guys and they wonder how I learned to play.

YOUR GRIP There are many ways to hold the paddle and you have to decide, which is best for you. I hold my paddle like a conductor of a symphonic band.

FOREHAND When you hit the ball with an open palm it is called forehand or frying pan. Most slams if not all are performed via forehand.

BACKHAND When you strike the ball with your back to it, that is called backhand. I love using this style because it is easier to control my power. Slams can be performed with the backhand but its difficult.


A. THE ACCELERATOR If you strike the ball with an upward motion you will put a topspin on it. The topspin will spin the ball towards your opponent, causing it to gain a tremendous amount of speed when it bounces. I love this spin because it almost every time cause the opponent to hit the ball too hard, because they don't expect the speed boost.

B. The BREAKER This takes so much precision, that it has to be countered or it cannot be returned. When performing this spin you have to hit the ball with a downward motion, putting a backspin on the ball. The ball has a backspin on it, which forces it to slow down when it bounces. Almost guaranteed to result in the opponent hitting the ball into the net.

C. The TWIST In performing this spin you have to swing away to the left or the right with enough force to clear the net. When the ball bounces it will spin to the left or right, knocking your opponent off balance. Quite often this results in the opponent knocking the ball far away from the table.

RESPECT YOUR OPPONENT Defense is very important in all sports, but in ping pong it is paramount. A game can be won on defense alone, if you can maintain consistent returns. If the opponent has speed and power, then you such skill commands respect. By respect I mean giving him space, back away from the table after the initial serve and get ready to deal with his power. If the opponent uses spins then keep your legs far apart and your shoulders straight so you won't be knocked off balance.

WHAT IS THEIR WEAKNESS We all have weaknesses and strengths. Some of us only strike backhanded, and some only forehanded. Pay attention to what side of the table your opponent favors. Pay attention to the position of their hips and shoulders, it's a dead giveaway. When you find out their weakness you must exploit it. Don't be repetetive, mix it up with gentleness and power.

In conclusion the most important thing you need to learn in order to win in ping pong is good judgement. It all happens so fast and the only thing you can do is play against opponents you know will crush you. Every time you lose you win, because you gain experience. Just keep playing and never give up on the potential champion you are destined to become.


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