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How you can afford to travel, skydive, scuba dive and live the life of your dreams!

Updated on January 29, 2017

Travel And Live Anywhere

Have you ever wanted to live in South America, maybe learn to Tango in Buenos Aires, or perhaps Japan, and take Judo from the masters themselves?

You're in luck. I've done a fair amount of travelling myself, and I've met incredible people from all walks of life and skill sets that have taken them far. Here is a compiled list of the best ways to travel the world with very little money, and even get in on some of the extreme adventures most people only dream about.

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Travel As An English Teacher

This is one you might already be familiar with. You see those ads for TEFL, TOEFL, ESL, etc..

I've actually met a few people who have done with programs online, and then landed jobs in places like Thailand, South Korea, and Japan.

If you look into the places you might get to teach, you may find that they are extremely neat places, and in many of them your money will go a lot farther than you think. That being said these are usually low wage jobs, but if you're willing to trade your nice, but lame lifestyle, you can travel to really neat places, and see things that will make your friends envious. Plus you it will really benefit your Instagram.

Another plus to these programs is you'll likely get something back in return. The ability to speak a foreign language. Not only is that useful and cool, but Universities and employers love to see it.


Travel The World As a Professional Skydiver

You read that correctly. This is not an easy path, but for those with a lust for adventure, and a lot of personal drive, this is more than possible. First thing is you'll have to learn to skydive. This usually starts at your local Dropzone, and will cost a couple thousand dollars. It's very possible to save for this portion. Once you have your A License and about 25 jumps, you'll know how to pack at least one parachute. My recommendation is that you practice as much as possible, and get in good with the FAA certified rigger at the DZ.

A professional parachute packer typically makes $5 to $10 per pack job, and sometimes more. This doesn't sound like much, but when you figure that I have watched a packer, pack a parachute in as little as 3 minutes, you know there is some serious money to be made. Many packers bring home a couple hundred dollars a day. (Often tax free, don't tell the IRS)

While your local dropzone may only jump on weekends, many of the bigger warm weather dropzones are open daily, and a packer will have the opportunity to both make a lot of money, and use that money to jump. Once you have over 200 jumps and a C license you can become an AFF instructor, and once you have over 500 jumps and a D license you can become a Tandem Master. Tandem Masters at some drop zones may make 25 jumps a day at $25 to $35 per jump. With drop zones all over the world, a very friendly community which may allow you to sleep on couches or pop a tent in the backyard, or rent a room the Air B&B way, you can see how this could be an exciting way to see the world.

US Parachute Association

See The World With An Ocean View

One of the best ways to experience the world may be through the ocean, and while you may thinking I'm suggesting that you enjoy the Navy, and if that is for you then go ahead, but I have something slightly different in mind.

Travelling the world as a PADI Dive Master, or Dive Instructor is very rewarding. This option can be started from almost anywhere. Even land locked cities have scuba courses and places to dive. The cost may vary by location, but for only a few thousand dollars and perhaps 100 dives, you can go from snorkeler to Dive Master.

As Dive Master you can easily get hired anywhere with dive tourism. The Philippines, Thailand, Hawaii, Malaysia, Australia etc.. With this job you would tour people around and get paid around $10 a head with about 6 people daily. This isn't a lot of money in places like Australia or Hawaii, but should go reasonably far in places Belize, and Thailand.

As an Instructor you'll get to teach people a fun, and rewarding sport, and the pay is significantly better than that of a Dive Master if you just can't get away from the creature comforts you love. Best of all, you can probably do both, and get in lots of wonderful dives.


You Just Have To Do It

None of the things I've mentioned are really out of anyone's reach. I've met people who slept on friend's couches and out of tents while they saved money to make their dreams happen. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough and work hard for it.

If the options I listed aren't for you, there are still many out there. Survival guides, Rafting guides, Ski, and Snowboard instructors, snowshoe guides, pilots, boat captains, cruise boat workers, and a plethora more. Not to mention the many conventional jobs which entail travel.

The options are there, the choice to live the life you want is yours. Good luck on your dreams.

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