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How To Seduce A Beautiful Girl

Updated on August 21, 2014
Learn some basic steps  how to seduce a beautiful girl
Learn some basic steps how to seduce a beautiful girl | Source

Simple tricks and tactics -"How to seduce a girl!?"

You guy, have to know that seduction is an art. If you play it well, you’ll win. Seducing a girl is a process that you can learn, the only thing you need is a bit of practice. It’s also true that many girls find “seduction” as a nasty word, that they don’t want to hear.However, if you know how to talk to them, you can approach every woman without any embarrassment. Perhaps, you know that girls most often are impressed by a boy who knows what to say and how to say it. Don’t forget we are emotional creatures and aroused mainly by words.So, don’t underestimate the power of words-one of the greatest weapons. If you have a glib tongue-you have all you need to seduce a beautiful girl, but only if you use it in the right way. Most girls like it, so till you aren't celebrity, I recommend it to you.

How To Become a Much Better Seducer?

I’m sure you are aware that beautiful women are attracted by men’s qualities than their looks, so, hey boy, to seduce any girl successfully, you have to behave like a gentleman. Pay attention to your dress-be casual, no need to be good-looking, or over smart to succeed. Try to control your urges, don’t be too offensive and focus on your strength.To seduce a girl, physical contact is a vital. It has to be natural. You should be careful not to overdo, because some girls may view it as a threat. Read between the lines and attempt to challenge her. Take control of your emotions and never look down, be confident and always walk upright.When going out, never ask the girl where she wants to go-you are the one who have to control the situation.Girls want to be with a man who can guide them in a relationship!The first step in seducing a women is to learn how to interact and communicate with people in an easy manner. It’s essential to know how to read women’s body language to start a conversation without embarrassment. In the beginning it will be a bit difficult (if you aren't a social person). It will be a good idea to pretend to be a fool to“melt the ice. Here are some fast flirting tips guys.

1. Seduce a girl telling her interesting stories.

To seduce a woman, (seducing a prude girl, takes more time) tell her easy to understand stories, show that you are worth spending the time talking to. Do your best to make the story interesting, displaying some of your positive qualities.Women love emotional stories, so be careful how you tell it. Try to be excited and speak clearly. The tricky part is to show your personality, not getting to the end of the story.

2. Seduce a girl by making her relaxed and loved.

It’s normal for women to want to feel loved and protected. Be romantic and it will dramatically increase your chances.

3. Make her a gentle massage.

They love it. Touching her body will boost her desire and sexual energy.

4. Seduce her by using pheromones.

They are natural scents produced by the human body, with no color, taste or smell. Seducing a girl with them will trigger irresistibly her sexual desire. Some pheromones really attract women and provoke a high level of attention from them. If you are a shy boy they’ll do the magic for you. You’ll feel a greater women’s attention and a huge desire to communicate with you.

How To Take Your Dream Girl Home With You?

Are you ready? Armed with all the “weapons”above, a bit of courage and a big smile, now you can go to the nearest disco bar.Try to find a girl that shows interest in you. Get her on the dance floor and slowly start dancing with her.If she smiles at you, pull her closer to you and tenderly hold her against you. Try to speak gently in her ear and give her unexpected kiss on the neck.Wait a while, (in the meantime don’t take your eyes off her) kiss her lips lightly for a second, hold a bit again, look at her passionately, and then slip your tongue in.The trick here is to put her in a state of expectation. If she doesn't resist-“You are almost done!”If it fails to get her on the dance floor, try to sit close to her and talk to her.Don’t give up! If she still stays and smiles to you, probably she might be interested. Hey, it’s time to take her somewhere quieter!


You guys, are getting wrong, if consider that girls can easily go to bed. You need to understand what the girl is looking for in a boy, then it’s easy to get her with you. Confidence, body language and your tone are important key factors to seduce a woman. Girls love confident men, as it shows a high status and as we know they are highly attracted to it, so be social. Women’s attention is drawn usually by guys who are the center of attraction on every party, so be one of them.Good luck!


Gain Confidence With Girls

Your Soulmate Is Waiting For You


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