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How To Catch Fish

Updated on October 22, 2011

The sports of fishing in many people’s perspective is game totally based on luck and has nothing much to do with angler behind the fishing line, but reality is much different.

It’s the ability, the knowledge, the skill, the education, the commitment, the dedication and above all the persistence behind every angler that makes him not only successful but an ace of this sport. Some years ago I met an angler and had a small discussion with him.

He told be about his fishing tactics which he uses to minimize the factor of luck and increasing the chances of a perfect catch. Some of the tips I am mentioning here which will guide you in fishing the right way. 

The Right Way To Fish

People often chose to sit at the bank of the river or the stream in which they tend to fish, this is not quite the right way to fish.

In many anglers point of view the right and the productive way to fish in a stream or river is to actually be in the river itself, wearing your long boots standing right in the flow of the water feeling the current against your legs, smelling inn the fresh air makes you part of the very environment of the fish your trying to catch thus blending inn can really help.

Mostly at the end of the day it’s the entire process of fishing which pleasures the most then the grilled fish itself.

To Know The Right Conditions

The very basic knowledge the person fishing must have is to when he/she is fishing in terms of time/month, because being in the water at the right time is all that makes the contribution of luck smaller or greater.

Thus it’s very important. Therefore the person planning for a fishing trip must keep in mind the correct weather and the moon.

The information about the weather for different areas and for the different habitats of fish isn’t that difficult to remember, because these two forces of mother nature determine the activity and feeding behavior of fishes in streams and rivers. Once you’re done doing that you will the more productive and successful in the stream.

Know About The Right Bait And The Proper Tools

The next most important thing that a person fishing should know is to use the right kind of the bait for the right kind of fish. Generally in stream and river water fishes are very much attracted to live worms used as bait.

Many people generally new to the sports of fishing use a large hook for threading a live worm on to that hook. The result is a complete disaster for the worm and presents such an unrealistic scenario that the fish is never attracted to it. So when you are using live bait you should use it with a “gang hook”

The reason why most anglers prefer gang hooks to be used with live bait especially when it’s a warm because the gang hook allows the worm to act more naturally rather than just a piece of meat hanging from a thread, thus the natural movement of the warm is what that really attracts the fish, especially the bouncing of the bait along the river bed with the current.

Gang hooks and live worms are considered to be a deadly combination.When fishing in rivers and streams they are very successful and productive provided the right conditions.

For the purpose of weight split shot sinkers are attached to the gang hooks along with a small cask shaped pivots which make up the ending part of your fishing line in the river or stream. The total numbers of split shots depend on the depth of the river or the stream providing the right bounce along the river bed.

The above mentioned are the very few basic tips that will move you’re fishing success from a lucky catch to a deserved catch.

Just remember a simple fact practice makes a man perfect so spend as much time in the water as you can sharpening your tactics and increasing your chances of success.

Fishing Tips


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    • profile image

      1120 7 years ago

      Fishing is fun to watch.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 7 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Good tips & advice! Good hub!