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How To Use Accelerated Learning Techniques To Speed Learn Your Martial Art

Updated on July 19, 2011
Using a Martial Arts Accelerated Learning Program can improve your Martial Arts skills a hundredfold in a matter of days.
Using a Martial Arts Accelerated Learning Program can improve your Martial Arts skills a hundredfold in a matter of days.

The things that are possible today are always built on the shoulders of the pioneers that have come before us. Joe Lewis (United States Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion, World Heavyweight Karate Champion and United States National Black Belt Kata Champion) showed that you can earn a black belt in only 7 months and that you can even win a national tournament with only 22 months of training.

These boundaries are shifting yet again through the new discipline of Accelerated Learning.

Accelerated Learning – What Is It?

Investigation into accelerated learning began in the late 1960’s when Drs Vladimir Raikov and Milan Ryzl of the old Soviet Union began experiments with hypnotism.

In their first experiments, in what they called “Artificial Reincarnation”, the doctors took beginner art students, the ones who can barely draw stick figures, and put them into a deep hypnotic trance.

Then, whilst in this hypnotic state, they were told that they were in fact master painters from the past, like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt van

Rign and Raphael Sanzio da Urbino (or simply known a Raphael). While still in this highly suggestive state, the students were then asked to produce a painting.

What happened next shocked not only Drs Raikov and Ryzl, but the participants in the study as well. Not only could these art students now paint, but the quality of their painting was of such a high standard, that they refused to believe that this was actually their work.

In one simple hypnotic session these students developed artistic skills to the level of a good graphic designer. What was even more profound was that some of these new-found skills that they accessed during the hypnosis remained with them after they came out of this suggestive state, and these students werebetter artists after the study than before they were hypnotised!

Drs Raikov and Ryzl have, since those early days, been able to extend these experiments to many other fields including music, healing, etc.

Around the same time that Drs Raikov and Ryzl were conducting their experiments in Russia, on the other side of the world in Laredo, Texas, José Silva was conducting similar experiments of his own. These experiments have now evolved into the now-famous Silva Method, and a part of this method is an accelerated learning technique called “Putting on a Head”.

Since these early days many new people have used this information to develop accelerated learning methods to accomplish a multitude of different things. One of these people is a man called Burt Goldman, and he has developed and used a technique called Quantum Jumping to learn to paint (amongst other things) very successfully. You can see some of Burt’s work in the video attached.

Although Burt’s system is an accelerated learning method and although he claims you can use it to learn anything, it is a totally different method and he uses very different techniques to The Martial Arts Accelerated Learning Program, which is specifically customised for use by Martial Artists and Sports men and women.

So How Does Martial Arts Accelerated Learning Work?

There are a number of recent discoveries that show how and why accelerated learning works.

It all has to do with the brain, its connectors and how we, as human beings, learn and develop from infancy to adulthood.

Mirror Neurons

For many years cognitive and neuroscientists have puzzled about how children are able to learn by imitation. This was finally cleared up with the discovery of Mirror Neurons in the 21st century. Mirror Neurons fire in the brain when you are watching (external seeing) or imagining (internal seeing) an action being done.

This means that, whilst watching, your brain acts as if you are performing the action.

When you combine this with the process of myelination, then it produces a powerful formula for learning.


Myelin is a rubber-like sheath that coats neural pathways (much like the covering of electrical wires to prevent loss of signal). As you know, the more you practice an action, the better you get; and although myelin was first discovered in the 1800’s, it was only through the use of modern resonance imaging techniques that its role was fully understood.

Through the covering of these neural pathways, an action (like walking, throwing, talking or writing… any physical action) becomes easier to do with practice.

But here’s the best part; a Mirror Neuron also fires when you are simply watching an action being performed, it also gets myelinated, leading to you performing the action better. Myelination occurs whether you’re actually physically doing the action or just simply imagining that you’re doing it!

This also explains why visualization works.


The results from experiments in visualization in the 1980’s and 90’s showed decisively that internally visualizing images of a perfect performance account for between 50% to 75% of an athlete’s performance and success. All of the best athletes in the world today use visualization as part of their training schedule.

Although, Martial Arts Accelerated Learning is far removed from visualization, it is still an internally visual system and similar rules apply.

The difference between the two is that with visualization you will imagine yourself giving a perfect performance. The images in your mind are what you put there. Conversely, with accelerated learning the images that you “see” are not put there by you but rather you allow your subconscious mind to present them to you; they are completely new and not something that you would have imagined before.

So how is this possible?

Morphic Fields

Noted biochemist and plant physiologist Rupert Sheldrake has proposed, through his theory of Morphic Fields, that everything has a special field that gives it its shape. Everything known has a field that contains all the information for that object or subject. In other words, your body has a field, a language has a field, a plant has one, a planet and a Martial Art has one; and all the information pertaining to each of these things, be it past, present or future, exists in its personal field.

Although his theory has divided the scientific community, Sheldrake’s theories have been proven in a number of different instances.

An example of how Morphic Fields work can be found in dreams, where problems are solved that the dreamer could not have known about. An excellent example of this is Professor Louis Agassiz’s now-famous fish dream, where the famous paleontologist was able to dream the right dimensions for a fish fossil that was hidden inside a rock.

What Does All This Have To Do With Martial Arts?

Well basically the whole concept of accelerated learning is to learn something faster (hopefully a lot faster) than you would have done without it.

The amazing thing about using accelerated learning for Martial Arts is that by tapping into its Morphic Field, you will have access to every Martial Arts Master’s knowledge from the past, the present and even the future.

Even though this may sound quite way out, it’s really very simple and very effective. Martial Artists (from UFC fighters to movie choreographers) from around the world, with varying levels of skill, report that they have been blown away by the results.

In today’s ever changing and busy world, athletes of all kinds are looking for ways to improve their performance, FAST! Martial Artists are now catching on and are fast climbing on to the accelerated learning express.

And it’s really so easy to speed learn Martial Arts that I’m still amazed that everyone isn’t already doing it!

How Does Accelerated Learning Work To Help You Speed Learn Your Martial Art?

It’s all about accessing the Martial Arts’ Morphic Field, and to do this you have to relax your body and mind enough to access your brain’s Alpha Brainwave level.

You do this by first relaxing your body and mind until your body is completely asleep while your mind remains wide awake and alert.

You can achieve this through a breathing exercise, by counting down and by various other methods. Obviously if you use a professional Martial Arts Accelerated Learning Program you will be given guidance on how to best accomplish this.

The Alpha Brainwave level is what you experience just before you drift off to sleep or are just about to wake up. You’re still aware of what’s going on around you but you’re so relaxed that you’re attuned to your brain’s messages without imposing your emotions on the situation, and because you control the induction of the state, you are able to fully control it and get out of it whenever you want by simply opening your eyes.

Once you have accessed the Alpha Brainwave level and are fully relaxed and open, you are ready to tap into the specific Martial Arts’ Morphic Field.

Obviously you will have some idea of what you want to learn, be it a new technique, style, kata or form (or even a whole new Martial Art). You then direct your consciousness to your designated (mental) training area where you will meet and train with your Inner Teacher.

Tap into the power of  your subconscious mind.
Tap into the power of your subconscious mind.

Who and What Is Your Inner Teacher?

Your Inner Teacher is a construct of your mind. Your mind uses this construct to interact with you during your Martial Arts Accelerated Learning session.

In this state you can learn whatever you are struggling with, without the limitations imposed by your insecurities or fears which you experience during your alert state. You can also ask questions, and solve problems, that you would not be able to resolve when in your normal awake state.

Activating the Information

Just like a dream, the information that you “download” during a session will fade once you become alert if you do not “write it down”. In Martial Arts Accelerated Learning terms this means that it is important to practice whatever you experienced in your session immediately after you’re finished.

What Can You Learn?


You can learn any Martial Arts techniques, like kicks, punches, blocks and anything else that you need to learn. You can even learn an entire Martial Art like Neo did in the Matrix, although you can only “download” small amounts of information at one time as it seems our brains are not able to handle big chunks of information at once - for now anyway; I’m sure scientists will remedy this soon enough.

You can even use accelerated learning to speed learn complex exercise techniques like jumping rope, getting the ideal workout system for you or even to improve your diet.

I am a firm believer in accelerated learning techniques of all kinds. I have used accelerated learing to speed learn a foreign language, I use it for Martial Arts purposes all the time and my wife has used it to teach our son to read, count, spell, do math and learn a foreign language, oh and did I mention that our son is only 5?

Through accelerated learning you have a direct and clear line of communication to your subconscious mind and through this process you will have access to a wealth of information.

Of course, if you’re not open to alternative ideas, or aren’t a believer in the power of the subconscious mind then this isn’t really for you.

If however, you’re really serious about your Martial Arts and want to make progress FAST, then giving The Martial Arts Accelerated Learning Program a shot is definitely worth it. It’s changed my life and the lives of the many others who use it, that’s for sure!


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    • Hawk Montecristo profile imageAUTHOR

      Hawk Montecristo 

      7 years ago

      Tony, as always, the proof is in the pudding. The results always speak for themselves and you should try it before you dismiss it. However I do understand that these things tend to be in the elusive mental training realm and that it is still outside most peoples understanding. Remember, it is only recently that visualization has become the popular mental training tool that it is today, and even then most people still don’t use it for any sport or activity. So always give new things a try, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      This is utter nonsense.

    • Trinity M profile image

      Trinity M 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for the informative article. I use accelerated learning techniques to teach preschoolers to read and I know how effective this can be.


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