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How to Give a New Look To Your Golf Cart Bodies

Updated on March 17, 2013

Golf cart bodies are the base of your golf cart and they are available in different varieties. You can buy them to make your Golf cart instead of buying it as a new cart to save a lot of money. The golf carts are very costly and those with high end gadgets and accessories can cost many thousands of dollars. By going for used golf cart bodies and refurbishing them you can have your golf cart in a fraction of this amount. Moreover you have the satisfaction of creating your own golf cart with all the creative ideas you have for your cart. These vehicles have become the symbol of utilities not only on a golf track but also in many other places.

In the present days, you have many dealers who are dealing with golf cart bodies for different models of the golf carts. These cart bodies can be bought as fully finished models to which you can fit the engines and other accessories and by doing so you can have a standard golf cart at a cheaper rate. But better on the savings side would be to get a used golf cart body in an unfinished state and do the finishing by yourself. This way the savings will be more and by spending a little time and a small investment on your side you can make such golf cart bodies into full blown golf carts in a matter of days.

The first and foremost things you have to do after buying your golf cart bodies is to give a new look to it by painting the same with a new coat of paint. If you can spare an afternoon you can complete the painting work and this will add to your savings you are making on your golf carts. Let us see how you can paint your golf cart body in the way you want and this is not very difficult once you know the right way of doing it.

First you have to clean the glof cart bodies with a 1000 grit sand paper and do it thoroughly without leaving any area and to get better results do it by giving circular strokes. This will raise a lot of dust and fine debris so use protective clothing and goggles to protect your eyes. When you have cleaned the surface wash it with a pressure jet of water to remove all the sticky mass on the body. Clean and dry with soft towel. Move the body inside a garage or a covered area to prevent dust and other contaminants getting stuck on the body while the paint is wet.

Now you are ready and your golf cart bodies are going to get the new look when you begin applying the new color to them. Before that, use masking tape to cover the areas where you do not want paint to be applied. Apply two thin coats of acrylic primer with a gap of 20 minutes between the coats. Once they are dried you can apply three coats of the main color paint with 20 minutes gaps between each coats. This will make your cart body come out live with new color and now is the time to apply two coats of the sealer as the top coat. Give about 30 minutes time between the coats. For best results you must be careful in selecting the Sealer in such a way that it matches with the base paint you are using.

Once this is done your golf cart bodies are ready for fitting the accessories to make them into fully functional golf carts.

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