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Hunters life from a tree stand

Updated on September 20, 2011

Tree stand perched among the trees

Early to the stand means low visability

Dawn begins to break into a hazy damp fog, the air has a wet chill about it, the anticipation of the first sounds as your heart begins to beat louder while songs of the morning birds start to fill the air. The fog is heavy and looks more like a cloud of smoke as squirrels are beginning to scurry about their daily routine. You can only make out shapes of various objects as the fog grows lighter causing excitement to grow and your senses are on edge.
Was that the snap of a twig off in the distance background? It’s hard to hear with the crows cawing back and forth as if they are starting the hustle and bustle of another day. Now you’re sure that was the shuffling of leaves off in the dark area of the woods somewhere. It sounded really close from your platform amongst the branches and leaves as the dew is dropping from the trees around you. As the sun tries to burn off the gray moist air, sounds from the birds are beginning to dim.
The woods are slowly beginning to quite as the sun continues to burn off the fog, your body and legs and starting to numb and your back cramp as the excitement dwindles and the noises fade as if the wildlife has decided to take the day off. Your thoughts have changed from excitement an anticipation to why didn’t I sit another location where I’d have a better chance of seeing game, oh well this is just another day of paying your dues toward the ultimate trophy.

Thumping of your heart

Wait, snap, your heart begins to beat hard, that was definitely the sound of a twig breaking. The leaves are being shuffled nearby, your breathing is becoming heavier as your heart beats louder. Is that the shimmer of light off an antler or just another branch reflecting glare? Excitement abounds as your heart beats harder and louder with each passing moment. That is certainly is a deer moving along the thick trail thru the dense tree line.
Your heart is pounding as you begin catching small glimpses of the trophy thru the autumn leaves. Is the loud thumping of your heart going to alert the brown beast? You can only hear the thumping of your own chest as the excitement begins to climax, the deer slowly moves closer to an opening in the trees. Now it’s time to focus, you raise your scope an adjust it to the opening ahead.

View from above

Just another day in the woods

You take a deep breath as your trigger finger quickly moves towards the safety, heart pounding, as the whitetail deer becomes clear as the brush begins to thin. The rack is everything you had hoped as the trophy inches forward. All focus is turned to the body as you take another deep breath an ease off the safety, exhaling slowly to relax. The majestic animal is moving with it’s nose to the ground not missing a step, there is only a small hole thru the branches as you try to find your spot.
Just as your finger eases to the trigger you take one more deep breathe you hear Aaaah as the hot doe steps out of nowhere and suddenly the chase is on, leaving you sitting quietly to wonder if you’ll ever see the trophy buck again. With a doe in heat it’s very doubtful but you’ll just have to wait and see. Every hunter knows you spend most of your time just sitting and listening to nature, waiting for the perfect opportunity but that’s life from a tree stand.


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