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Hunting Knifes

Updated on July 29, 2012
Here's a great assortment of hunting knifes.
Here's a great assortment of hunting knifes.

Hunting Knifes

As you probably know by now there are many different types of hunting knifes to choose from. And there are probably as many different companies making hunting knifes as there are different types of hunting knifes.

What you really need to look at when choosing a new hunting knife is how well it is made and how good will the knife hold a edge. You really also need to take into consideration what will you be using the hunting knife for. Will you be looking for a all purpose hunting knife or do you just want a basic all purpose hunting knife. Do you want a knife like Crocodile Dundee or a small hunting knife or something in between.

If your looking for a all purpose hunting knife consider a Bowie style hunting knife that will be big enough for all your general hunting activities and it's a knife that you really can do everything from cleaning fish to dressing out your just killed deer.

Or you can go for a stainless steel folding hunting knife that will work for almost any hunting project. Its a knife you can easily keep sharp and you really can field dress a deer or clean your trout.

And you know when you look at knifes think about this. Why buy a cheap made knife. If your going to be using this knife for a number of years consider paying a few dollars more for a high quality knife. I myself keep a Bowie style hunting knife with me and a folding stainless steel hunting knife as a back up. That way if something happens to my main hunting knife I always have a back up.

If you do go with a bowie style large hunting knife go for one with a well made sheath that attaches to your belt and your leg. This way the sheath is tied down and you will be able to get your hunting knife out in a hurry if you need to.

And your hunting knife blade should always be hardened stainless steel because it will hold a edge and stay sharp longer and it won't rust. In the ideal hunting knife the blade should be in one piece and run all the way up through the handle. And your handle should not be made of plastic. Your going to be using this hunting knife for some heavy duty projects and you want your hunting knife to be heavy duty.

A Great Selection Of Hunting Knifes
A Great Selection Of Hunting Knifes

Hunting Knifes Tips

A good hunting knife is a financial investment. And you should protect all your investments. When you are not using your hunting knife or knifes they should be cleaned very well and stored in a sealed plastic bag so moisture can not get to your knife. Keep in mind that moisture and air are the enemies of a good hunting knife.

And always keep your knife blade or blades sharp. If you don't know and understand exactly how to sharpen a knife then I suggest you watch the below video on how to sharpen knifes and I would strongly suggest buying a cheap hunting knife to practice sharpening a hunting knife.

You need to get where you can sharpen a hunting knife properly because when you go hunting or fishing you will want your knife to be sharp and well maintained. When you go hunting you'll want a well maintained sharp knife to take with you.

If you do a lot of fishing and hunting you will probably want two separate knifes. One for fishing and one for hunting. And be sure not to store your fishing knife in your tackle box. It should be kept dry and in a sealed zip lock plastic bag when you are not using it.

Your local outdoor store may have a class or classes on knife care and sharpening. If they do and you have the time I would suggest going to the class. You can learn more by seeing it done and a knife care and sharpening class is a great place to learn.If they do offer a class they will probably offer you all kinds of hunting knife tips so be sure to check around and see if you can find a class on hunting knife tips and sharpening your hunting knife.

So what we have learned is that your knife should always be kept clean and sharp. And it must be kept as dry as possible. Moisture is not good for your knife. When your not using or planning to use your knife keep it stored in a sealed plastic bag.

If you follow these hunting knife tips you should have no problems with your hunting knife.

How to sharpen a knife (hunting / Fishing Knifes)

Some really nice bone handled deer hunting knifes.
Some really nice bone handled deer hunting knifes.

Deer Hunting Knifes

If you are going to be doing a lot of deer hunting your probably going to want two knifes for deer hunting. Deer hunting knifes come in all shapes and sizes but again what I would suggest for your deer hunting knifes is a general all purpose hunting knife and a deer hunting knife with a skinning blade.

Again you will want to make sure that your deer hunting knifes are always kept dry , clean , and sharp. If you get lucky enough to bag that big buck deer then your going to want to have sharp knifes to field dress him with.

You want your main deer hunting knife to be large enough to do the tough job you have ahead of you and you want a good sharp skinning knife to skin your prize buck with.

If you have a friend that already hunts deer ask what kind of deer hunting knifes they use. I bet they can give you some great ideals. If you don't already know a deer hunter ask at your local outdoor store what knifes they recommend.

If you have questions or comments about hunting knifes please post them below. And thanks for taking the time to read my hub page on hunting knifes.

(C) August 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost. This content was created for Hub Pages and is not to be copied or used on other sites.
(C) August 2010 by Thomas Byers aka Crazyhorsesghost. This content was created for Hub Pages and is not to be copied or used on other sites.


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      "I like" We are 78 miles from Jimmy Lile's homeplace. I think they still have a bunch of priceless antiques stored helter skelter. Thanks.


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