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Hunting | Outdoors | Skunks | Skunk Spray | Remove Skunk spray odor in seconds!

Updated on September 10, 2012

Hunters and outdoor enthusiast are you prepared to deal with this little feller?

The skunk population is booming and the chances are increasing that either you the kids or the dog(s) will turn the corner and face off with that waving black and white tail.

You just know it’s not going to be good when you see the flash by of a skunk followed by your dog(s) on its tail. Skunk spray is just an eye burning stench that just will not allow you to breathe.

Stuck out in the middle of nowhere as many are on a hunting or camping trip, how do you deal with such a mess? You just can’t load them up in the car and head to town as everything the spray comes in contact with immediately penetrates with the terrible stench.

If you haven't dealt with a sprayed dog, just remember how long the stench lingers in the car while just driving by one that has released its spray. The car doesn't even have to come in direct contact with the skunk spray either. Just imagine that smell up close and personal.

You can find all types of home remedy cures on the Internet, we have tried several ourselves. Some work better than others, but they all still require a lot of work and repeated shampooing.

Up until we started trapping the skunks to rid the area, our dogs were skunked at least twice per year. After seeing mama and her babies one night in the driveway we realized we had a major problem and began trapping them.

We found Skunk Off and was at first skeptical that anything could work as quickly as it claimed but decided to give it a try as desperate as we were to find an easier solution.

Soon after we received the kit we let our dog out late one evening and before we realized she had been skunked, she had already bolted in the door and there she was rolling and rubbing off the spray in the middle of the living room carpet.

As we tried to get a hold of her to pull her back out the door she decided to run up the stairs and into the boys room.

I didn't know what to do except to cry, either because it seemed helpless or the smell was burning my eyes.

After we were able to pull her back out door we grabbed the Skunk Off spray and misted all the carpet where she rolled and touched as well were it rubbed off on us. Amazingly it saved our day. Without it we would probably had to leave the house and check into a motel until we could have the house professionally cleaned.

After we took care of the issue in the house we went outside and used it on her, again just amazing stuff, we were able to let her back into the house without an all night ordeal. The collar did have to be removed and soaked again the next day.

Our second encounter was not a direct hit, just a light mist on her nose, but light mist or not until the spray is neutralized it all smells the same.

This time we were able to apply Skunk Off on a rag and wipe her face and around her ears until we were able to eliminate all the smell. Within less than fifteen minutes we had her cleaned up enough to come back in and resume our normal evening activities.

You can buy the Skunk Off Kit at Cottage Craft Works .com This is a unique back to basics online store with all types of outdoor and home and garden products and solutions.


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