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Updated on May 23, 2016

Off target? A new Michigan license puts youth hunting in the crosshairs

A new youth license has triggered debate in Michigan. The new permits being issued by the state's Department of Natural Resources allow youngsters younger than ten to hunt for bound animals employing a gun, a bow, or a crossbow if they area unit in the midst of a authorized hunter age twenty one or older and follow bound precautions. The new youth license was made doable by a 2011 law that eliminated the state's minimum looking age. Previously, children younger than ten were restricted from looking.

Supporters of the license say kids ought to be allowed to hunt as a result of their participation can facilitate management animal populations. Many folks conjointly argue that promoting safe looking habits at associate degree early age can facilitate cut back accidents. Those who oppose the initiative say that permitting a toddler to use a weapon--under any circumstances--is just too dangerous.

Should youngsters be allowed to hunt? Current Events student reporters Elizabeth Duis and Akash Bagaria took aim at the issue.


Hunting is a standard sport across the country, but it is conjointly disputed, especially once it involves youngsters. I believe kids ought to be allowed to hunt as long as they're doing thus underneath associate degree adult's management.

First, if people were to begin active shooting game sooner instead of later, there would most likely be fewer accidents involving firearms. When folks gain expertise with firearms as youngsters, they are less possible to harm folks or cause harm as a results of such accidents.

Second, allowing youngsters to hunt may facilitate management the populations of bound species. In some areas, too many animals roaming around and overwhelming resources may cause issues. Encouraging more folks to hunt those animals may stop that threat.

Finally, hunting is a tradition in several families. It can conjointly be an honest learning expertise. Nolan Ahlden, a 10-year-old from Crescent City, Ill., has been hunting ruminant and alternative animals with his father since he was three years recent. Nolan believes that kids ought to be allowed to hunt. "Hunting is fun because it provides you a heap of Adrenalin and it is a challenge," he says.


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