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I Hate Cam Newton

Updated on February 14, 2016

I was never a big fan of Cam Newton, with all of show-boating on the field, but after his performance during and especially after the Super Bowl, I actually hate him now.

Every athlete to ever play a game has a bad game sometimes. The best players to ever play their sport lose their share of games. But it takes a special kind of narcissistic jerk like Cam Newton to play so poorly in the biggest game in all of sports and then act like a petulant child after the game and every day since then. Of course, nobody should be surprised.

Newton deserved to win the NFL MVP award for his performance on the football field this season, but he proved that he is an LVP for his performance as a human being.

Cam Newton wasn't wearing his normal flashy suits after his poor performance in Super Bowl 50
Cam Newton wasn't wearing his normal flashy suits after his poor performance in Super Bowl 50

By now, you all know that Newton was absolutely dominated by the Denver Broncos defense during Super Bowl 50 and then walked out of the post-game press conference after about three minutes of mostly one-word answers. Since then, he has been anything by apologetic.

"Who are you to say that your way is right?" Newton said as the Panthers players cleared out their lockers on Tuesday. Well, Cam. The answer to that would be everybody on the planet with at least an ounce of class. That's why a classless Douchebag like you wouldn't know anything about doing things the right way.

Newton is known for Dabbing and that stupid Superman thing he does after he scores touchdowns. That's great, for him, when his team is winning. It's easy to be a good guy when you're winning. But NFL teams pay their players a ton of money to also act a certain way and answer questions, even when you don't feel like it. It's called being a man. Too bad Newton has never been a real man.

Looks like the Denver defense was Cam Newton's Kryptonite
Looks like the Denver defense was Cam Newton's Kryptonite

People seem to forget what a bad human being Cam Newton really is. Nobody talks about his college experience anymore. It's like he never transferred from Florida to a junior college in the wake of legal and academic issues. And don't forget that the NCAA investigated Cam and his father when it came out that they were selling his services to colleges and that Auburn came up with the most cash to buy his services. Oh sure, the money never came directly from Auburn, but it most definitely came from the Auburn boosters.

Then Newton comes to the NFL and says nobody can tell him how to play quarterback. Well Cam, it sure looks like that Denver defense showed you how to not play quarterback. They simply held him in the pocket and forced his to beat them with his arm. That's not his game and it showed. It also showed his lack of character when he absolutely quit on his team in the fourth quarter. He can make up whatever excuse he wants about his legs being in an awkward position, but replays clearly showed that he decided not to go after his own fumble with his team down only 6 points. Oh sure, the Panthers would still have had to punt, but there was plenty of time left on the clock, they had all three of their timeouts and the Panthers defense was doing a good job against the Broncos offense. Force a three-and-out and the Panthers offense gets the ball back with plenty of time to lead a game-winning drive.

Only, Cam Newton decided it wasn't worth it to him to even try to go for his own fumble in the biggest game of his life. What a quitter.


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And if you think what I'm saying in any way makes me a racist, then you have just outed yourself as the real racist here. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan and season ticket holder for over 25 years, I have rooted for more African-American QBs than most fans. My favorite athlete of all time is Brian Dawkins. And there are plenty of people from all races criticizing Newton.

Charles Barkley said Newton was "100 percent wrong". The last time I checked, Barkley was also an African-American. Is he a racist? Didn't think so.

"The one thing about sports, you don't get to just be happy when the good things happen," Barkley said. "You have to be a man and professional when you lose. And he did not do a good job of that after the Super Bowl. But you just have to be more professional than that."

Cam Newton's post Super Bowl "Press Conference"

Heck, even Deion Sanders, who never saw a situation where he wouldn't blindly defend an athlete, took issue with Newton. "I understand the emotions of losing, but you can't do that. A Manning, a Brady, all those guys who are prototypical type of quarterback in our game, they're not going to do that ever," Sanders said. If Deion Sanders criticizes something an athlete does, it must really be horrible. Of course, maybe Deion is a racist because he compared Newton unfavorably to white QBs. For shame.

Newton responded to all of the criticism since the game by posting an image of himself in front of a picture of Muhammad Ali, with the caption "I WIN MY WAY". I would expect nothing less from him.

Newton even stooped to playing the "Race Card" in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Again, it's what low-character guys like him do.

"I've said this since day one, I'm an African-American quarterback," Newton said. "That scares people because they haven't seen nothing that can compare me to."

That is not only offensive, it is flat-out wrong. If Newton had a clue he might want to Google a QB named Randall Cunningham. He was a far better QB than Newton will ever be. And Cunningham did it in an area where he was one of the few African-American quarterbacks. Again, as an Eagles fan I saw every one of Cunningham's snaps and he was far more talented than Newton, he just wasn't a big. And while Cunningham is the closest comparison to Newton style-wise, other great African-American QBs like Warren Moon, Doug Williams, Donovan McNabb and Russell Wilson might also take issue with Newton's race-baiting statement of stupidity.

Cam Newton should watch this and learn somthing

Newton might have been excused for his comments, or lack thereof, immediately after the Super Bowl if he had been contrite during the last week. America loves a good apology. Being an arrogant, me-first jerk, Newton went in the complete opposite direction. His pathetic performance during the game would be forgiven eventually, given the greatness of the defense he faced. But the way he literally quit on his team when things weren't going right for him during the game is going to leave a lasting impression of the type of QB he really is.

On Tuesday, Cam Newton said "Show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser."

No need for that Cam. All anybody needs to do to show you a loser is to hand you a mirror.


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