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I Think They Should Let Teams With 7 Losses Play In Bowl Games

Updated on August 22, 2012

Come on. You didn't really think when you came here that i was going to actually give a justification for my title. But on the other hand, UCLA did have 7 losses last season and UCLA did play in a bowl game and yes UCLA did lose that bowl game. That means 8 losses. I think they should have just kept letting UCLA play until they finished with more losses than anyone in the PAC 10. Oh wait I mean PAC 12. Or what is it now?

But I'll get back to that later. What if flag football, wait i messed up again, the National Football League decided next season to let every team who won half their games(and even one that didn't, see above) play one more game anywhere from 3-6 weeks after the season ends and win or lose the season concludes for everyone after that game. One of the those games shall be deemed the Super Bowl and it will decide the champion. Who plays in the Super Bowl will be determined by computers. Everyone reading this is thinking to themselves "this guy is writing from a mental institution".Well i have news for you. That is exactly the way it is done in college football. Do you think the people running this particular mental institution know that the residents there are running college football? And now the folks at the "NCAA home for the mentally impaired" have come up with conference realignment.

Let's go back to the turn of the century. The ACC had 9 teams, the Big East had 8, the Mountain West had 8, the SEC had 12, the WAC had 9, the Big Ten had 11(yeah i know), and then there was the Big 12 and the Pac 10. Only a few changes were necessary. Move Penn State from the Big Ten to the Big East to give them 9 and move Colorado and Baylor to the Mountain West to give them 10. That would give all conferences besides the SEC 9 or 10 teams and also give the Big 12 a reason to change their truly pathetic name to something else. How simple minded does a group of people have to be to put the name "big" in front of a number and call that their conference? Wow. Now back to the college football postseason proposal. It's REAL complicated. You take the winners from these 8 conferences and let them play it off. Every team in every conference plays every other team in that conference so ties are decided by the head to head winner. The seeding can be decided by a poll of coaches not in the playoffs. But until then we'll have to live with our current reality......68,395 people with nothing better to do showed up to watch 2 awful teams, Texas A&M and Northwestern, play in the Meineke Car Care Bowl Of Texas. The names for bowls continue to get worse too. Wow.


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