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The ISU becomes a Russian institution

Updated on September 4, 2014

The era of degeneration

What is lamentable in today's figure skating is its terminal illness. Cancer spread all over the body with its rotting stench that hastens the day.

The ISU becomes an accessory to promote Russian agenda, and judges dance to its Stalin Polka.

Who thought figure skating succumb to a state like this?

There is no hope for the ISU and Ottavio Cinquanta, and as long as the current ISU goes, figure skating is no more.

It's time to sever all ties from the ISU. It's a pure waste to send our athletes to their game of propaganda.

I never bother men's figure skating, never cast a side look at the junior competitions, but since Sochi, I decided to peep at them to see how those ISU judges gang up pushing their way.

It's quite Putinlike, I said myself.

Muscling up with a slogan of new Russia, like Putin, Cinquanta and his staffs have turned the ISU to an Russian institution. Yes, that's a new figure skating. Good job, Mr. Cinquanta.

How do you score Serafima Sakhanovich?

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How do you score Yuka Nagai

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Bogus GOE

The two clips show a winner and a runner up in the latest junior Grand prix. This is an example how the ISU judges push their agenda.

Serafima Sakhanovich won the competition with a total of 191.96 while Yuka Nagai followed with 164.42.

Sakhanovich skated well compared to her peers.

But her jump is not to be ratified without - GOE even with a consideration that this is a junior competition.

The real problem is her skating can't change even if she enters into senior level later. This particular feature of Russian skaters is a serious problem.

This has to do with coaching and training. Russians who blind themselves for national pride produce skaters without basic and figure skating principle.

They are a group of cloned army. Each shows deformity of wooden fracture in their move. None of them among today's Russain skaters are equipped with proper training. They are only trained for landing jump even in terrible quality.

Worse yet, they ain't go nowhere.

Her jump won't change in senior. In normal competition with a sane judge, her best jump will garner -2 and her PCS will top 6.0s. But as you already saw in Sochi, this is the level of Russian seniors today.

This is also the ISU's figure skating today.

Mirai Nagasu in 2010

The ISU, a shit-hole of politics

In a time like this, many skaters are missed.

I always admired Rachael Flatt, even when people complained of her performances due to her physiological handicap as a figure skater.

But now that the ISU promotes deformity of figure skating, how unjustly she had been treated by those ISU bastards.

If Sakhanovich's skating above is worthy of over 190 in total, Flatt should have won every game with over 220 and even beat Yuna Kim every time.

I am mad because the kind of treatment Mirai Nagasu received from those hypocrites with a quarter revolution crap every time she had showed how marvelous it was to have a skater like her.

I am mad for those skaters who folded their dream and hope and faded due to the crap of the ISU in the past. The technical crap the ISU hurled in the face of our skaters to make the sport a deformity of shit-hole today makes me mad.

So for this kind of deformed figure skating, those talented and beautiful skaters have been butchered and slaughtered by those SOB's?

I am mad for Kimmie Meissner, Alyssa Czisny, Ashley Wagner, Gracie Gold, and more every single skater who suffered under the lofty crap the ISU and those liars puked who systematically butchered skaters in the past.

I am mad for the sweat and tears shed by every skaters to build up the sport as we know today only to be dumped by this systematic fraud.

Make no mistake. I admire every single figure skater. Even if you are Russians, I have enough room of affection for everyone of them.

What ticks me off is Russian figure skating coaches and experts volunteer themselves for Putin's chauvinism and mass produce skaters without basic and sell them cheap through the international monopoly by inside trading.

Yeah, They sell and they buy them back and raise the price at will.

It's Mr. Potter's Pottersville, people. It ain't even a shabby office for uncle Billy, George! The astronomical price of glory printed in red in the Cinquanta Corporation.

Potter's selling, and Potter's buying. There isn't an fair pricing except Potter's price.

The ISU, the Russian sidekick rolls on. Right, you can lie for your entire life and get away with it; you will bet your sweet life on it.

We will see.

Alyssa Czisny in 2011


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    • profile image

      Joannie 3 years ago

      Jessie, What's funny is that this video was posted by ISU before the result is announced . What a joke!

    • profile image

      Romi 3 years ago

      If you fall, but the Russians and Japanese skater recive a high score. Does not review the judgment are skating. The minutes are to judge whether a judgment which conuntry natoinals. there is a skating competition, but only when the country only for the country.