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If You Think UFC Fights Are Fixed, Why Do You Still Watch?

Updated on November 15, 2014

Is The UFC The New WWE?

With one flailing left hook, Chris Weidman shocked the entire MMA world in one night.

Weidman was able to do something that no UFC fighter previously had been able to do, and that is put Anderson Silva down and out. Because Anderson had been so dominant in the past, displayed a chin of steel, and showcased a supreme highlight reel of superstar evasive moves, it was a very shocking thing to see Weidman making it look so easy to knock Anderson out with one punch.

After the initial shockwave passed, and reality set in, the rumors began to fly. Many MMA fans around the world were making claims that Silva "took a dive", "threw the fight", "the fight was fixed", and so on. The assumption was that there was no possible way that a guy with only 10 or so fights with a so-so highlight reel, could come in and do to Anderson, the "Neo" of MMA, what he was able to do.

This is not the 1st fight that this has been said about either, it's been said over, and over, and over, and over again throughout the years. My question to the ones who continually make these statements that the "fights are fixed", even if you've only said it one time, is very simple:

If you feel that the UFC is in the practice of frequently fixing fights, why do you still watch?

Obviously, when a statement like that is made, we have to assume that someone is not happy with the results of a particular fight. Like, if Anderson Silva had defeated Chris Weidman, there would be no talk of a fight fix, it would be business as usual. Many people were saying that UFC 148: Anderson Silva vs. Chael Sonnen II, was fixed. There were people saying that Chael did that goofy, spinning back fist with the sole intention of catching that knee in the chest and throwing the fight.

So if you pay close attention, you will always notice that the people who say the fight was fixed were rooting for the fighter that lost, every single time. You can pretty much take that to the bank, put the house on it, and close the case. Hearing the "fight was fixed" nowadays is so commonplace you could almost add it to the UFC rules and regulations.

Why spend your money or your time, watching events from an organization that is obviously corrupted, and operates in the same manner as the WWE? The only difference is that they say their fights are real and are backed by real sports commissions. If you felt that one fight was fixed, and your fighter didn't win because of that, why come back in the future and watch more fights? They could do it again to your same fighter in the future. If you truly feel the UFC is corrupted, it seems like you should spend your time trying to expose them and get the organization shut down. Either you guys really believe the UFC is crooked, or you're just sour about a fighter's loss. Please stop saying fights are fixed, or just find something else to watch.

Are UFC Fights Fixed?

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