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Important Playing Tennis Techniques

Updated on August 27, 2010

Important Tennis Techniques

Every single person that wants to get better at playing tennis needs to understand that there are some tennis techniques that have to be mastered. Unfortunately few do this and wonder why they are not getting any better. Below you are to find some of those tennis techniques that are really important and have to be properly mastered. Remember that hiring a coach is still the best possible idea if you are considering competing.

Playing the net is definitely a part of playing tennis that is important. If it is possible, one shot that is really hard to block is known as a smash. This is possible when the ball comes towards the level of your head and you are close to the net. Alternatively, while playing the net you can also stop the ball so that the opponent can not get to the net fast enough to hit it before hitting the ground two times. If you really want to be good at playing the net there is an immediate need to also use another good tennis technique. We are referring to charging the net. When an opponent is running towards corners in order to hit the ball you are most likely going to have the best position to stay at near the net. You have to basically understand when charging the net is useful. This can easily be achieved right before the opponent wants to hit back the ball. Alternatively, when your opponent will charge the net think about using a lobbing ball in order to catch him off guard.

You can not use net play skills if you are bad at regular bottom court hits. You will need to master line shots and footwork is very important. Most of the advanced techniques you are to learn are focusing on using your balance in order to trick opponents. By using ball slicing you can easily add twists to the game. By doing this you will catch your opponent off guard for sure. Unfortunately this can only be done when we see improvement sin the coordonation of hand to eye.

What you read above is just a small part of all the tennis techniques that you can develop. As already mentioned, you should think about working with a coach. If not, your tennis partner can also help you improve if you practice enough. After getting the hang of it all you can master even more tennis techniques.


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    • jerryfriend15 profile image

      jerryfriend15 6 years ago from USA

      nice ideas. Have you played tennis very long?